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Beauty: A Matter of Balance in Fashions and Foods Lane Bryant Diet Booklet

There was a time in the late 1950s/early 1960s when Lane Bryant suggested to their customers that they be mindful of the calories in their desserts! Beauty:A Matter of Balance in Fashions and Foods is a Lane Bryant diet booklet co-branded with "D-Zerta."

"This booklet is dedicated to each Lady Bountiful who wishes to make the most of her beauty by looking and feeling her best.
"Lane Bryant, famous for fashion leadership, discloses secrets to help you select precisely what is right for your figure type in line, design, and fabric. Also revealed here are hints for enhancing your beauty with charm and poise. 
"Offered by General Foods Kitchens are easy and elegant ways to stick to your weight watcher's menu with a host of delightful recipes--all calorie curbed and made the modern way with low-calorie D-Zerta Gelatins and Puddings."

The booklet espouses the merits of having "feminine curves" and that men are pleased that "1/5 of the nation…

A Bittersweet Birthday

Happy birthday to that kid on the right! Wayne turned 62 today! The boy on the left is his younger brother. Wayne has always loved boats!

I handed him his present a few days ago but told him he couldn't open it until tonight. Was that mean??

Tonight we're having dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant that has been in business since the 1950s. 
Sadly, Wayne's mother also passed away. He said it was OK for me to post that here to share with you. 
I'll post an update on the birthday boy's festivities tonight on my IG.
(You may have noticed that my blog has had a complete makeover. I think it's much cleaner and easier to navigate. I hope you will agree!)

A Walk on Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine

You guys! It's in the 50s! This was a selfie I took in my sunroom on my way out to drive to Higgins Beach which is only five miles from my house. Notice there's no snow on the deck behind me! (But also notice the shovel handles? We're supposed to get snow next week!) Here are pics from my walk. Enjoy!

A lone, disc


My church had a book and bake sale this past weekend, so I made my secret recipe whole grain low sugar gluten-free shortbread cookies. My recipe involves over a year of kitchen-testing (and tasting). I was happy to learn they sold out. I also scored some terrific books! The "Who Says We Can't Cook" cookbook is a compilation of recipes published in 1955.

From the Forward:
"This Women's National Press Club Cook Book is not so much a defense of the culinary talents of newspaper women as it is a profit-making venture. We want a clubhouse of our own. With the help of this book, we expect to have a clubhouse sooner."

The beautiful small Victorian book is an 1880s copy of "Selected Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning."

I made a couple of trips to L.L.Bean. The first was to pick up these two monogrammed tote bags.

I went back up with Wayne the next day to buy him some shirts for spring. We had fun looking at the fish in the pond and aquarium. Acting lik…

Vintage Booklet: The Return of the Square by Charles H Brower (One of the Original "Mad Men")

I've spent most of my life feeling like a stodgy old lady. "Little House on the Prairie" was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid, tied with "The Brady Bunch" and "Leave it to Beaver." 
"Remember one thing: Wrong is wrong even if everyone else says it's right - and right is right even if everyone else says it's wrong," Ward once said to the Beav.
Armed with moralistic rhetoric that meant something to me, I found myself ill-equipped to deal with the hoods from my new NYC neighborhood after we moved from Fort Lee, NJ in the summer of fourth grade:
"You shouldn't steal!" I said to one of the girls who ripped off a bag of potato chips from the store.
"Why not?" she asked as she re-feathered hair with the comb from her back pocket.  
"Because..." I paused. "It's dishonest."
Oh boy was that the "wrong" thing to say. She and the other girls laughed at me in a way I'll never for…

My Eulogy for Tiny Tim: The Spiritual Lessons of Abuse and Overcoming

Prompted by a "calling" that came without any explanation, I picked up the phone and dialed (literally since I still use rotaries) the local shelter early in December 2013. I asked if they had any elderly or hard luck guinea pigs.

"As a matter of fact I have just the pig for you."

He was in need of a foster home. His background, quoted directly from his intake papers:

"G. Pig surrendered in last 24 hours with history of child in home rough-housing with animal."

When he was brought into the shelter he was laying on his side, the position he had been in for days. At the time an inner ear infection was suspected which could create vertigo and loss of balance. Because he had been left untreated and unattended, he suffered loss of vision in his eye due to his cornea getting scratched from laying in his bedding. The mother asked if he gets better at the shelter, can she come back and get him? (NO!)

They brought me to see him in a separate building for special…

Blog Lurkers

Only a very small percentage of my blog readers will leave a comment. I am trying to figure out why some people never want to engage, even anonymously. Sometimes it's disheartening. I welcome your thoughts.

Saturday's surprise snowstorm estate sale down my street!

As I wrote here last night, we've had two snowstorms this week, a day off yesterday to finish cleaning up, then three more days of snow starting this morning. I assured Wayne before he left for work I wouldn't be driving in the snow today. That is, until minutes later I saw an ad for an estate sale at the mysterious old house 3/4 mile down the street from me! How perfect! A break in this cold white mess!
The house was one that I wondered about often. I could tell from the window treatments and lamp shades that it was stuck in the 60s decor-wise, and it's very big, so I always imagined it was filled with old treasures.

When I entered I wasn't surprised to see this 1960s caloric wall oven, but what I didn't expect was how, shall I say, "dusty" it was. Turns out part of the house had been unoccupied for ten years. Anyway, there were boxes and boxes of things to pick through, many of which were in an unheated garage attic that was guarded by a scary clow…