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"Could you please pass the maltodextrin?"

Up until today, I had always loved Polaner All Fruit. It was truly just fruit with fruit juices. I like their ad campaign from the 80's when the awkward Southerner asks for the "jelly" and shock and horror ensue at the prim and proper dinner table.

I am disappointed to report that Polaner All Fruit now contains maltodextrin.  I've learned to check labels each and every time I buy a product since ingredients are always changing. Today I noticed new packaging with the added words: "With fiber." I noticed "maltodextrin"  in the list of ingredients followed by, in parenthesis, an explanation that it adds fiber. What? How?

According to the FDA:

"Maltodextrin ((C6H10O5)n, CAS Reg. No. 9050-36-6) is a nonsweet nutritive saccharide polymer that consists of D-glucose units linked primarily by [alpha]-1-4 bonds and that has a dextrose equivalent (D.E.) of less than 20. It is prepared as a white powder or concentrated solution by partial hydrolysis of …

In the 1950's, Enough Was Enough

While out walking around my neighborhood today which is comprised mostly of  modest sized homes built in the 1950's and 60's, I was thinking about how, up until the past couple of decades of excess, enough was generally enough. There is a newer subdivision off one street filled with what some people would call "McMansions."  Instead of 1,200 square foot homes, each is about 4,000 plus square feet.

Sure, people tried to keep up with the Joneses in 1950's suburbia, but the benchmarks for bigger and better were far more manageable and affordable than what we have now, probably because credit cards and mortgages weren't handed out freely like today.

I think the current culture of more means means a normalization of overindulging and acceptance of the consequences..."tomorrow." Buy more now, pay more later. Eat more now, lose more tomorrow (which we keep putting off). We live in bigger houses which seem to match our growing waistlines.

The core of ove…