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Slow Down

I came across an article that proclaims a study found that many Americans are clueless and distracted behind the wheel. This quote jumped out at me: "85 percent of respondents did not know how to react to a traffic signal where the light was yellow."
Think about this- most people don't know how to react when getting the yellow light indicating it's time to slow down. 
This seems to be the problem not only with driving, but eating. 
Our bodies give us clues when we are getting full so that hopefully we slow down and stop before we've gone too far. Most Americans eat on "the go" or while watching TV, or tinkering with their gadgets, just like they do while driving. Of course, many eat on the road, too. 
If we don't learn how to pay attention to the signals we can't know when enough is enough.
In the 50's, people didn't have the number distractions that we do today. Usually, when it was time to eat, people sat and ate. 
Rushing from one …