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My Eulogy for Barbara Billingsley: June Cleaver Was a Feminist

Wearing pearls and an apron, taking pride in keeping house and living a life free from exciting and glamorous problems can not only be a valid and respectable life choice, but also an entertaining and empowering example for women. Millions of people agree evidenced by the fact that June Cleaver was “America’s Mom.”
“Keeping house” June Cleaver style meant living in a modest middle-class home that’s not of the McMansion size or scope. She didn’t own industrial quality kitchen appliances and serve five star dinners using recipes from the Food Channel while wearing name brand outfits. She wasn’t a hypersexualized object whom Eddie Haskell coveted. Yet, she was lovely, commanded respect and knew where her food came from because she cooked it herself. She lived within her means, fed her family unprocessed wholesome foods, communicated with them over dinner and maintained healthy personal limits and boundaries.  
When I choose to turn on the TV when I want to tune out, I’m all about entertain…