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Kids ate vegetables in the 1950s because it was cool

Granted, this 1958 ad is sexist by marketing the concept that boys and not girls should eat "Seabrook Farms" vegetables for strength. What really strikes me though is that they weren't selling the idea to parents that that they should feed veggies to their kids. Kids were eating far more vegetables at home in the 1950s than today. Plus, they were marketed as being positives, such a source of strength, and not a negative, as in "you're fat so now you have to eat your broccoli."
Check out the complaints about the new USDA school lunch program in this excerpt from Students Trash Veggies Rather Than Eat Them
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is standing behind the program and responding to concerns.
USDA officials say students should not be coming home hungry.  While some portions are smaller than in the past, kids can eat as many fruits and vegetables as they want.
The new guidelines are designed to teach kids about proper portion sizes and how to make health…