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Don't mistreat your stomach all day! 1951 "Good Eating Habits."

This is great advice for adults and not just kids! Sadly, America's eating habits are like this today: Eating in a rush or on the go, snacking on too many sweets, gulping and shoveling food instead of taking small bites. A stomach ache is just one of many physical reactions to being mean to yourself. That's exactly what it is, you know, only now we call it "treating" ourselves: "I'll treat myself to this candy bar and cookies" while not eating enough of the kind of foods that are, well, kind!

"If you aren't sparkling people won't understand what you're saying."

I just found out that a lady with whom I visited once a week for over a year at a local assisted living facility has passed away. She was very dear to me.
Sometimes, because I have so many interests that are outdated, I am able to converse more easily with folks much older than I am. I love to learn from them.
During our visits we talked about her life in the 1950s and 60s, Sinatra, shopping, old movies, and as she liked to call it, "junkin'" otherwise known as "antiquing" or "yard sale-ing." I'm an avid picker and love to go to flea markets, estate sales and the like. I'd tell her about my adventures and often brought her something from my travels. One such gift was a pair of framed "Pinkie" and "Blue Boy" prints to hang in her room. She spoke about having them long ago and how she missed them. She also loved to wear flashy jewelry, beads, bangles and lovely sequined ensembles. I often brought her pieces of vintage costum…

What do you feed your mind before you go to sleep?

I make a point to surround myself with positive messages which is not to say I'm not a news junkie. I do tune in to the wrong (for me) things more often than I like so I'm working on reducing my news time. In the 50s people didn't have access to the news 24/7 which can be a much healthier way to live. The continual negative/ridiculous/depressing/horrifying information bombardment of 2012 can be conducive to creating excess stress and annoyance. Many of us turn to overeating and/or junk food to tune it out. I sure used to and I find it much easier to eat well as I cut back and create a positive space in my home.
Right now I'm reading Abundant Health and Vitality after 40 published by Jack LaLanne in 1962 and I love it and his message. He is so upbeat and positive and very solution-oriented. I don't always read diet/health books before bedtime but I do try to read mostly vintage wisdom. 
What do you feed your mind before you drift off to sleep? Is it helping you rel…