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Saturday, April 7, 2012

1950s: Skinny chicks. 2012: Chicks, drugs, and big breasts

Chicken in the 1950s:

Chicken today:

Those Perdue chickens don't have breast implants. What's in their diet is in yours, too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1950s Girdles vs Gimmicks of Today

This is a 1950s ad for Bestform shapewear that will give you "hips you'll hooray" and "a waist worth buying a belt for." 

Today the girdle has transitioned into big business, only it's now "Spanx" or "Not Your Daughters Jeans" offering "Lift Tuck Technology."

What I find alarming are products like these that lead women to believe that if you're at an unhealthy weight there's no need to exercise or change unhealthy eating habits when you can simply squeeze yourself into their product:

Seems to me that generally speaking, from the other ads that I've seen, the girdles of the 50s were mostly designed to enhance women's curves while slightly slimming whereas now shapewear is designed and marketed as an alternative to dieting as well as suppressing "curves"/bulges.

Personally I prefer to work for that "muscular girdle" Jack LaLanne promises can be yours. The 50s way is about fitness, not just fat loss...or cover-ups.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to get a 1950s waistline! Jack LaLanne's EASY & SIMPLE exercise!

I love Jack LaLanne more and more since reading his vintage, out-of-print book Abundant Health and Vitality After 40. I'll be sharing a few of his exercises in it, and the first one is so simple and easy! I can't wait to see the results after some time because my "mid section" has been the most challenging to me.

This exercise is called "Side Leans" and is designed "for you ladies who'd like to have a tiny waist." You'll need a chair with a straight back. "Sit astradle of it facing the back, arms dangling at your sides, feet flat on the floor."

Then, on the count of One, lean as far to the left as you can then on the count of Two, to the right. Repeat, and try to lean further each time. 

I did this and wasn't feeling it in my waist at first but instead in my thighs. I sat up straighter, keeping my back as flat as possible and did it again as I leaned to the left and to the right and YES, I could feel it in the sides of my waist! I did some more the following day and it's encouraging because I definitely feel like I'm using muscles that have been begging for attention.

Jack promises that your "spare tire" will be replaced with a "muscular girdle." I just measured my waist so that I can keep track of whether it's working or not. Let me know if you try this!