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Thin Bashing in the Media

I've written a lot about thin-hating in today's media and culture, mostly coming from women against other women, sadly. The following are two recent examples.
I found the first article, Weight Watchers Probably Won't Help You Lose Weight, So Maybe Stop Dieting, to be enjoyable and full of good sense for the most part, as I could relate to the writer since I, too, was on Weight Watchers as a pre-teen in the 1970s and am in total agreement that chemical-laden diet foods aren't a good substitute for learning to eat healthily and enjoy it. However, the writer then arrived at an erroneous conclusion: "What we're doing now isn't working, and it's time for change in priorities — one that places health above weight, and real nutrition above counting calories."But health must include weight! We can be too fat, or too thin! Real nutrition can co-exist with counting calories! And by the way, and I'll be writing about this in more detail soon, I did not …