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Happy Homemade Halloween!

There's an article in my local paper about this charming 100 year lady who spent 50 years dressing as "Eldora the witch" to frighten neighborhood children on Halloween, all in fun. What stood out was how much of Halloween was once about making things and getting out to walk as opposed to driving to the store to buy a costume and candy and then getting driven around door-to-door, suburban style:
Roberts doesn’t practice witchcraft, but she can cast a spell of sorts by transporting listeners into the past with accounts of her childhood. The youngest of eight children, she remembers trick-or-treating with a group of children, walking by themselves in the moonlight on a country road in Winslow, covering five miles over the course of the night.

They dressed as ghosts and fairies, in homemade costumes, carrying baskets they made themselves and decorated in bright paper, asking for candy, much of which came in the form of homemade fudge, toffee, chocolateand molasses.

Vintage Recipe Card: Hazel's Date Crumbles

You'll notice as we go along that many of the recipes handwritten by grandmas are often open to interpretation and leave out certain things like oven temperatures or an idea of how long it should bake. I think this was often done on purpose since, after all, many of these were treasured secrets at one time!
Coming up next week: Marilyn Monroe!

My Book is an Amazon Diet Book Best Seller!

As of right now, it changes hourly, my book is among the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Best-Selling Weight Loss Diet books! Very grateful!

School Weight Screenings and "Fat Letters" Aren't New

20 states have implemented mandatory BMI calculations as part of their health screenings to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic. If the student is discovered to be overweight a "fat letter" is sent home.
Sounds reasonable, right? No. It's outrageous, according to some experts: Lynn Grefe, president and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, says she's "totally opposed to BMI report cards." She says they can lead to discrimination and bullying and can actually encourage unhealthy eating behaviors in children who are labeled too heavy. "Our entire premise here at the National Eating Disorders Association is that we should be focused on health, not weight."  Weight is connected to health. If you are overweight or underweight it's not healthy. An eating disorder specialist such as Ms. Grefe knows that anorexia isn't healthy-- so it's very disingenuous to speak of focusing on health while ignoring weight.
Here's a …