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On being a scandalous and saucy outcast for saying "no"

The commentary Obesity Is Officially a Disease, So Why Was My Child Diagnosed As A Healthy Eater? reminded me of comments my blog readers have left about negative reactions from other parents in response to feeding your children wholesome and healthy snacks. It also isn't very different from the reactions I often receive when people find out I don't eat sugar and that I make dinner from scratch almost every night. 
We're sometimes labeled elitists, food Nazis, snobs, fanatics, disordered or the one that makes me wince a little, bores. Surely we're all missing out if we're not eating out of a package! I see this reflected in reactions to Paula Deen's "cuisine" when people are quoted as stating that she is a down to earth "real" cook. Deviations from the norm of eating what's coming off the conveyor belts or not slathering, frying and laying the sauce on thick is somehow eating like a bird.
A culture of bullying and singling those out who…

Do people who have one meal a day weigh more than those who have three?

I don't know when the idea that eating six "small" (compared to what? A typical fast food indulgence of a day's worth of calories in one sitting?) meals a day, and even grazing, is better then three for weight loss came in vogue, but it definitely doesn't appear in any of my 1950s diet and health books. 
A new study suggests that "eating two large meals a day yielded more weight loss than consuming six mini-meals with the same number of calories." I find that very interesting, but I would love to see a study that shows that people who have only one meal a day (that lasts all day long) weigh more than those who have three meals in a day!
In other news my guinea pig Casper is doing well after his surgery!

Obesity is now officially a disease

I have to go and update the section of my book where I talk about how this hasn't yet happened but seemed to be the next (illogical) step. What are your thoughts about this classification by the American Medical Association?

On a personal note I have had a lot on my plate and continue to work on my book when able. Also, I rescued a partial albino elderly guinea pig left for dead four months ago. He was in an apartment, abandoned and alone in a filthy tank with no food or water. The person who found him put him on craigslist and I just happened to see the listing and brought him home. He had a broken tooth, bugs and a few other issues.
I've had guinea pigs all of my life--growing up in NYC I wasn't allowed to have dogs in my apartment and I became fond of them--and he is one of the most affectionate pigs I've ever owned. I named him Casper. Now my little guy has a bladder stone and will be having surgery on Friday so as you can imagine I am concerned about him.