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Don't "Pak" on the Pounds

My grocery store seems to be placing more and more junk food displays in places normally empty, obviously to increase impulse buys. But what really struck me is the concept of "Go Paks." I guess they think these are perfect for when you are on the go. Just grab and go to....where? The couch? Desk? Car? The office? Sometimes we get so busy multitasking and hustling about that it seems like we're very active when in fact we've been mostly seated. Also, notice that they are "mini" and "bits." Are we too lazy and harried to even chew now?!
Looking at the 50s for the concept of "on the go," I came across this 1950s commercial for "Pep" cereal that promised it would give teens the energy they needed until lunch.

"On the go" once meant action! It meant delving into your day with energy not distracted by snacking on ready-made highly processed snacks. We went from "on the go" meaning motion to constant munching th…

Dumbed Down, Weight Up?

"The Mental Strain of Making Due With Less." Sounds like something about hard times, right? Maybe something about how the inability to pay your bills adds stress to your life? Or maybe it's an article about how people from the Depression Era suffered from the "make due and mend" rule. It's an article in the New York Times that informs us that watching what you eat and counting calories makes you dumber due to the brain strain:
"Many diets also require constant calculations to determine calorie counts. All this clogs up the brain. Psychologists measure the impact of this clogging on various tasks: logical and spatial reasoning, self-control, problem solving, and absorption and retention of new information. Together these tasks measure “bandwidth,” the resource that underlies all higher-order mental activity. Inevitably, dieters do worse than nondieters on all these tasks; they have less bandwidth."
Oh, please! "Constant calcula…

1950s vs Today: Coffee

I attended a Chamber of Commerce networking event in my town the other day and someone mentioned that Starbucks is coming. I've never been a fan, mostly since I think their coffee is over-roasted and over-rated. I first drank it in Seattle in 1990 and that was the last time! Also, "Percs give me perks" has something to do with it.So my first reaction was: "Oh no!" Then I realized my faux pas and added: "But yay, new business in town!" Anyway, this isn't a business blog so without delay, here is another 1950s vs Today themed post!
The first image in this ad from Pan American Coffee Bureauis of morning coffee made at home, enjoyed with someone, presumably a spouse, served in ceramics at the table and consumed black. Today most people drink their morning coffee without company present in a cup that's either disposable or plastic, has lots of cream, liquid or whipped, sugar and artificial flavoring. The former costs a fraction of the latter latte…