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How I Met The Original Owners Of My Maine Time Capsule House

I had always dreamed of living in a mid-century ranch house like my grandmother’s. I spent many happy days as a toddler eating while seated at her chrome dinette set, admiring the figurines in her curio cabinet, watching “I Love Lucy” on her large TV with rabbit ears and looking out of her large multi-pane window onto the tree lined suburban street of Fort Lee, New Jersey in the late 1960’s.
I bought my dream home after years of looking. As soon as I walked inside it I knew right away it would be mine. There had only been a few updates since it was built in 1952, most of them done in the 60s. Thankfully no one tried to make it look like a cosmetically covered up mid century gem with new granite, stainless appliances and soulless muted colors in the kitchen.

While looking outside the living room window that was just like my grandmother's I wondered about who had lived there before the lady from whom we would purchase the house. She had been there fifteen years, but what ab…

My Zeitgeist Music Machines

When I listen to music in my house it's usually not of the MP3 variety. Other than select artists, my taste in music is not contemporary. Sometimes I choose music for where it brings me, or from where it takes me.  It's like time and soul travel.
I own an Edison "Diamond Disc" that came with a cabinet of 78 rpm records. The instant you crank one of these it's easy to feel like you're in the set of a very old silent film. You're powering it all! You're suddenly grooving scratchy and LOUD off the grid to old timey music.

I love this photo I found in an antique album I purchased at an estate sale. This happy looking lady is listening to her Edison Gem ghetto blaster. Was it some kind of block party, maybe? Here's a snippet of mine:

I own two other turntables: One is unsexy new and the other is a very swanky 60s portable model in a leather case ideal for listening to Sinatra. I actually got this beauty at a yard sale in the free pile!

But I don'…

American Girls Entered Puberty Later in the 1950s

1950s Puberty PSA
If you've been reading my blog for a while or you've read my book, you're familiar with the focus on obesity today being about "real" and "normal" women versus "unhealthy" which is disputed by "Health at Every Size" and similar movements. Yet how can anyone deny the impact of obesity on girl's and women's health when Early Puberty in Girls Linked to Obesity...Again?
In the 1950s girls entered puberty around ages 12-13 according to the PSA above. (Also notice that the narrator refers to some of the children as "fat.") Today? The authors of the new study followed over 1,200 girls, starting at age 6 to 8, in three metropolitan areas: the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Cincinnati, and New York City. They monitored breast development over the next 7 years. The median age of breast development was 8.8 for African-American girls, 9.3 for Hispanic girls, 9.7 for Caucasian girls, and 9.7 for Asian gir…

Marilyn Monroe: How I Stay In Shape, Pageant Magazine, 1952

You're in for a treat! I own a copy of the September 1952 Pageant Magazine with the pictorial spread on Marilyn Monroe's article "How I Stay in Shape." It has been circulated on the web before but the site that hosted the original scans appears to have gone offline. Since then numerous blogs and articles have lifted those scans (you can tell because they all have the same dog ear creases and markings.) I have scanned the article in much larger file sizes

Pageant Magazine was a bawdy read at the time and primarily designed for men. It was also very cheeky with "articles" like this one about those kooky women drivers. And now, here is the entire Marilyn Monroe "How I Stay in Shape" article!

How Chicago Has Rocked My World

My favorite era for music is the 60s and 70s, and one of the bands I've loved since I was born in 1967 is Chicago. I recall hearing their music often as a small kid, and as my mother verified, she played their albums over and over. My father has seen them live five times. But the connection for me has always been the beautiful melodies, incredible instrumentals, brilliant song writing and sexy, heartfelt vocals.

One of the things I dislike about "today" is that "sexy" is often used to define twerking performers, vulgar lyrics, objectifying women and soulless bragging about conquests; listening to it makes me feel as sexy as being "romanced" by an inexperienced grabby grabby Axe cologne-wearing buffoon.
A couple of weeks ago Chicago posted the Onion article: The Most Visited Site on the Internet to their Facebook page. Comments like these ensured: know this is an article from The Onion, right? Parody & satire.