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A Guinea Pig Christmas


Happy Holidays!


Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

This is what's happening outside my window right now:

A Peeping Tom!


Marie Joseph Spiritual Center, Biddeford Pool, Maine

I visited the Marie Joseph Spiritual Center today and had a beautiful time. They offer retreats and spiritual services to the public and welcome all faiths. It's worth a visit if you come to Maine and want guided spiritual replenishment.

My New-to-Me Vintage Tension Pole Lamp!

A thoughtful friend called me to say she was cleaning out her grandmother's estate and wanted to know if I wanted this lamp? Of course!

Autumn Nor'easter

This was my backyard as the nor'easter began to move in. It was peaceful until the winds picked up. One more day of rain before the sunshine returns.

000 and Vanity Sizing

I whipped up this infographic just now after reading about the new size 000 and surrounding controversy.
In the 1950s the smallest sizes at Sears were a size 9 for Juniors and a size 10 for Misses yet the measurements are close to today's 000.

Another Orchard Drive


Trip to the Apple Orchard


Autumn in New England

The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is wonderful! I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts...

1955 Relax-A-Cizor wasn't just for women!

From a 1955 manual in my collection:

Maine Summer Treasures

I am so not ready for summer to end! I hope you are enjoying the rest of yours!

It's not our fault that we can't find the perfect fit today!

I mostly like to wear high-waist jeans that are 100% cotton or close to it. Because I've been so happy with the vintage 1970s denim I bought two years ago and not that thrilled with anything current, I've recently purchased two more pairs of 70s jeans on ebay:

NOTHING I've purchased in the past decade compares to the fit, quality and PRICE of these three pairs of 100% cotton made in the USA jeans (almost unheard of these days). The most expensive pair are the "no fault" denim which cost $70 with free shipping which is a bargain compared to most jeans today; Joe's Jeans have been running me about $170 each pair. The other two were under $40 each with shipping.
It shouldn't be so hard to find jeans that have a flattering and true fit and that are made of quality fabric right here in the US. Thankfully we can still buy some from the past!
Have you worn vintage denim, or would you consider it?

I was once a minimalist who lived in a "tiny house" in South Burlington, Vermont

Before tiny houses were a thing I lived in this adorable teeny house in South Burlington, Vermont from 1995 - 1997. I was in grad school and it was all I could afford yet it was all I wanted. Except for the spiders. My steel-toed Doc Martins came in handy then. Someday I'd like to return to tiny house living.

I still have that NYC Marathon poster and the bookshelves are in my current home office. I had been using plastic milk crates and a friend/classmate took note. Her husband was a skilled professional furniture maker and they surprised me with those two units! Also in the photo above is an old school BAG cell phone. Back in the day that was high tech stuff and it came with a gigantic antenna.

That bureau was also made by the same fellow, although I designed it. Next to it are antique wooden soda crates that I still use. I didn't hold onto the repro Edward Hopper posters. 

Even when I was very busy, leaving my house shortly after six a.m. and returning home sometime afte…

Disco Diva, Sunroom Books and Games


My new reading glasses!


My Tribble is in Trouble :(

This is my darling, Chauncey, a guinea pig (who can easily be mistaken for a Tribble or rock star with his long locks I need to trim on a regular basis) I've had for 4 1/2 years.
On Friday he stopped eating. We took him to the vet who said he needed some dental work which he had done (they had to put him under to do that) along with other tests on Monday. $450 later and five days of my hand-feeding him, he now is trying to eat on his own but can't keep anything in his mouth. I've made him fruit salads with cut up pieces of all his favorites but even that isn't working.
I am very worried about my little man. I have made an appointment at another vet who specializes in guinea pigs to get a second opinion. Please send some healing wishes his way if you believe in that sort of thing. Thank you.