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My Tribble is in Trouble :(

This is my darling, Chauncey, a guinea pig (who can easily be mistaken for a Tribble or rock star with his long locks I need to trim on a regular basis) I've had for 4 1/2 years.
On Friday he stopped eating. We took him to the vet who said he needed some dental work which he had done (they had to put him under to do that) along with other tests on Monday. $450 later and five days of my hand-feeding him, he now is trying to eat on his own but can't keep anything in his mouth. I've made him fruit salads with cut up pieces of all his favorites but even that isn't working.
I am very worried about my little man. I have made an appointment at another vet who specializes in guinea pigs to get a second opinion. Please send some healing wishes his way if you believe in that sort of thing. Thank you.

My Biopsy, Asymetrical Aging, Vitamin B and Vintage T

Two weeks ago I had a shave biopsy on my face between the bridge of my nose and my right eye to test for skin cancer which thankfully came back negative. It wasn't a pleasant experience. First they need to inject the area with a numbing agent, then they scraped and ended with burning some of it off. Yuck!
If it had been positive they would have had to dig it out which left me with a vision of a hole in need of filler. I know a house painter and he said he was skilled with color matching Spackle so I wasn't too worried. ; ) 
Waiting for the results is never fun, either. I'm such a masochist when it comes to asking Dr. Google what's wrong with me. It doesn't matter what the symptoms are, you can find something terminally scary and/or gross with the pictures to prove it. (One time I was having some really weird symptoms and I found the EXACT description! However the advice was to take the cat to the vet immediately. So yeah, not always a good method.)
My dermatologi…