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Vintage Recipe: Andy Griffith's Salted Peanut Cookies

This recipe card is from "Recipes of Your TV Favorites." They are promoting various brands of processed foods but they are fun and you can substitute ingredients.

1951 Menopause Book: The Changing Years by Madeline Gray & "Fat Shaming"

I just finished readingthe 1950s book,The Changing Years: What to do about the Menopause by Madeline Grayand highly recommend it! Despite its age it's filled with a lot of relevant, valuable and scientifically sound information. There was also no mention of giving women radiation treatment! Some of it of course would be controversial today. I love the author's compassionate, no nonsense approach. She explains everything in detail, and I mean everything, but is never patronizing. I learned a lot about the biochemical process of menopause, something I personally have yet to go through. There are many vintage copies available online so if you can, give it a read!
I want to share her comments about seeing a doctor to help her lose weight:

My doctor was a Park Avenue man who specializes in slenderizing actresses and other fashionable women, and I won't mention his name because he charged me the whopping sum of $60 for a month's consultation, and all he did for my $60 was to…

Before Photoshop: When Crows Feet Were Fabulous

In 1974 an international beauty and fashion magazine did a photo spread of this 1970s model and TV celebrity undergoing beauty treatments. Any guesses as to who this is? I'll post the answer later this week.
I wonder when it became magazine-illegal to show wrinkles?