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1950s Macaroni & Cheese

This recipe is from "The New Cook's Cook Book" with graphics from the cover shown above.

I used: 8 oz of whole grain non-GMO corn pasta (800 calories) 5 oz of freshly shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese (550 calories) 1 tbsp butter (100 calories) 1 tbsp oat flour (25 calories) 1 cup buttermilk from powder (80 calories) 1/2 teaspoon spicy mustard Few shakes of dehydrated onions, salt and pepper to taste I did not add bread crumbs
This was how it looked in the baking pan when ready:
My husband and I like this a lot. After he took a bite his eyes lit up and said: "THIS is macaroni & cheese!" He wants it again for dinner tomorrow night. I served it with lightly cooked broccoli florets on the side. Makes four servings with 390 calories each.

Throwback Thursday: Disney World 1974

I attribute my slim physique to playing outside after school including "Charlie's Angels" where my friends and I each played an angel (I always ended up being Kate Jackson when I really wanted to be Farrah) and flipped our hair as we chased imaginary bad guys. Also, I walked to grade school daily with my neighbors. During recess we played tag, hide-and-seek and dodge ball. My most sedentary activity was probably when I played with my Barbies in an ultra-groovy camper. (Ken was always stirring up trouble and caused a number of wrecks.)

I attribute my fashion sense to the 70s!