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Monday, May 12, 2014

THIS is why I live in Maine!

(Heads up: Inelegant whining ahead. Feel free to skip over this first paragraph.) This past winter was brutal and morally degrading. Spring arrived yet the cold clung like a piece of toilet paper stuck to ones shoe. I've lived here many years so I'm not a rookie, but this was unlike anything I had experienced. Just when it seemed like winter stopped stalking spring and it finally got the hint, it'd smack us around some more. Basically it's been six months of getting the cold shoulder from beautiful weather!

Then, the first day of unmitigated beauty: highs in the 70s, a warm, salty breeze from the ocean, blue skies with ornamental clouds, walking along rugged paths in short sleeves only, and opening day for many of the charming historic inns and restaurants. I have been fighting fatigue for the past couple of months and I mentioned that taking a B Complex has helped. Well, sunshine and spending the day outdoors seemed to really help me snap out of it! I'm back in business!

Higgins Beach, shown in the pics above, is one of my favorite places and is only a ten minute drive from my house. 


Now, all I need is a field of flowers and a floppy hat and I'm going to change my name to "Sunshine."

I kid. That's a vintage hippie dress I picked up at an estate sale this weekend that I was trying on for fun but plan to sell. It's a early 1970s size five which is the equivalent of a contemporary size zero minus a winter's worth of snacks. I couldn't get the zipper all the way up in the back! The mandolin was a find from a fundraiser sale a few years ago. I can't play but I do anyway; I make up songs for my guinea pigs. At the same sale where I bought the dress I found this Fender acoustic guitar for the toal sum of ten bucks! 

Now all I need are some strings and talent and I'll be ready to take my show on the road.

Monday, May 5, 2014

La La Land? : )

As I exited a store a few days ago I failed to notice that an older lady wasn't far behind me. I caught the door in time to hold it for her and apologized. 

"It's OK, dear. We all do it sometimes. I call it La-La Land."