Lobster Dinner at the Pine Point Fisherman's Coop, Scarborough, Maine

This is the time of year in Maine when the locals have a few weeks of quiet time to enjoy the summer attractions that remain open after the tourists return home but close up after peak foliage season.

The Fisherman's Coop, est 1976, is open year-round, but there is a most unpretentious "lobster shack" called The Rising Tide serving up fresh lobster that's only open during the summer and early fall. Don't expect anything fancy, but who cares! You have a stunning view of the water, lobster boats and lobtserman in action. 

Late Sunday afternoon I had a Maine lobster dinner and watched a seagull eat a live clam after it dropped it on the ground to crack it open. Lobsterman paddled in and out from their boats and a truck hauled away one of the boats.

Like I said, the restaurant itself is very small and basic, true to "lobster shack chic," but so very satisfying if you love fresh Maine lobster and watching a working waterfront! You can see more views here.


  1. How fun, Averyl! Yummy food and a cool view!!


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