What does a typical day of my eating look like?

Scan from a vintage dish towel that's fitting since I had eggs and chicken yesterday.
Blog reader Donna asked:

Could you share what could be a "typical" day of eating for you looks like? I know this question is really too broad since days can be so different and places you are at on any given day, can drastically change things up. Just wanting a glimpse of someone's routine - who achieved a wonderful goal. 

Thank you, Donna. You are correct in that every day will be different, but there are some general consistencies with my "typical" weekday menus which I'll point out after I show you yesterday's fare.

What I ate yesterday

Hot Breakfast 

Bowl of hot "old fashioned" oatmeal made with 1/2 cup oats (160 calories) with  a small half ounce box of raisins (50 calories)

Two whole large eggs (140 calories) with a tablespoon of heavy cream (50 calories) scrambled in a well-seasoned vintage cast iron pan with a half tablespoon of butter (50 calories).

450 calories

Mid-Morning Snack

Medium sized locally picked ppple

70 calories

Cold Lunch Plate

Two ounces of hard cheddar cheese (220 calories)
1/2 cup grape tomatoes (25 calories)
1/2 cup grapes (30 calories)
One cup sliced rainbow carrots (45 calories)
One clementine (35 calories)

Afterward I ate 1 1/2 ounces of pitted, unsweetened dates (120 calories)

475 calories

Hot Dinner 
Chicken Spinach & Potato Pie was a creation of six ounces of leftover roasted chicken breast (300 calories) mixed with three cups of mashed boiled potatoes (540 calories), 1 1/2 cups of chopped frozen chopped spinach (70 calories), two tablespoons of olive oil (240 calories) with salt and pepper baked in a 350 degree oven for one hour until golden around the edges. I ate two of four slices.

575 calories

Day's Total: 1,570 calories

Here are some things that are typical for my weekday menus:
  • I have a hot breakfast that includes oatmeal almost every morning. It's quick, healthy, thrifty and very satisfying. 
  • Cold lunches work for me because I'm busiest during the day. I like to keep lunch simple and satisfying but not quick; by that I mean it's not gone in a few bites. 
  • Dinner is hot and frequently includes either meat or poultry, carbs, fat and veggies. 
  • Although I didn't have any yesterday, I often eat a serving of home baked sweets as a dessert or as a part of my breakfast.
What's not a daily consistency is my calorie count. Some days I'm on the lower end, but never below 1,500. I don't enjoy feeling hungry! Other days I may have over 2,500 calories. What counts is that I know and maintain my daily average each week to stay at my current weight. If the scale shows I've put on a couple of pounds I immediately cut back.

That's the beauty of counting calories:You know where you stand when you step on the scale!

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hi Averyl,

    I love your food choices. You have plenty of food, which tastes yummy, and it's healthy! I am starting to have oatmeal for breakfast again - always liked it and don't know why I strayed? Yes, I do! It was the "innocent" donuts and greasy breakfast items that took it's place. Well, back to the 50s with tasty, simple, satisfying, keep you slim(!), foods. I believe the rewards for "vintage" eating are good health and good looks, to say the least. The "rewards" for eating the readily available processed foods are obesity and everything which comes along with that. Also, sadly, a couple friends of mine who are in their teens and 20's are skinny, eat all the bad stuff, and already show signs of poor health. It makes me sad because all it takes is a little motivation to change things.

    I am also implementing your cold plate lunch above. It is so easy for me to take this to work - and I don't need a microwave! Also, it sets you up to really enjoy your hot dinner later.

    I've gone from 170lbs (5'-4" tall) to 155lbs so far, and my goal is to lose around 25 or 30 more to put me in a 125 to 130-ish range. I feel great and I don't dread meal times, like I did with the other crazy making diets.

    Thanks Averyl and have a great week,

    1. Congratulations on your weight loss and feeling great while doing it! I'm very glad this post was helpful to you. : )

  2. I love your meals except to tweak your lunch a bit. I would need something like a roll to go with the cheese and fruits/veggies but other than that it looks wonderful!

    I am having such a hard time these past couple years. It was easy to lose 25 lbs. six and half years ago by calorie counting. I lost it in 6 months back then but have since gained a lot of it back. I think going through menopause is what's doing me in this time, though. I don't overeat and I generally try to eat healthy but cutting calories this time around is too difficult. Watching what I eat and moving my body more without being concerned about calories is where I am right now.

    1. I do understand about hormonal stuff making it difficult! For me, counting calories actually makes it easier. It helps me learn the difference between my appetite and hunger. I know that if I'm starting to gain weight, it means I'm overeating, even if it doesn't "feel" like I'm overeating and it's time to cut back on my calories.

  3. Your breakfast sounds a lot like mine. Except I hadn't thought to add cream to my eggs. I usually eat three. I need to make a note of that.
    Dinner looks good, too.


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