Tis the Seasoning: Interrupting Christmas Cookery and Preparations for...Corn Muffins? Yes. Because, Cast Iron!

I bought myself a Christmas present on ebay that arrived this morning: a vintage Griswold cast iron muffin pan! Despite running around getting ready for tomorrow night and Christmas day, when I saw my "new" pan I had to stop all of my preparations to test it out.

I gave it a cleaning and re-seasoned it, then made absolutely delicious gluten-free molasses corn muffins that slid right out of the pan. (I think I need vintage cast iron everything in my kitchen.)

These are 100% whole grain, moist and my own adaptation of a 1930s recipe from the Great Depression.

The original recipe and my reimagined gluten-free version will be in my next book. 

I'll be back sometime on Christmas Day to share some of my festivities with you. I hope you're not stressing too much and able to savor the season!


  1. Cast iron!! I've never seen one like that. No wonder my grandmothers were so strong :-)

    Enjoy your holiday, Averyl!!

    1. Yup! Us old gals pump iron in the kitchen when we haul these things around! :)

      Thanks, and you as well!


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