I count calories and I let it control me!

I just read a comment by a woman; she stated she sometimes will count calories but doesn't allow calorie counting to control her. Well I do! That's exactly why I count them! It helps me distinguish between real hunger and some internal smooth or crazy talk that has nothing to do with my need for food: "I see I already had over 2,000 calories today, so chances are good that this is PMS telling me I need a steak and baked potato RIGHT NOW (at bedtime) and I will make it through the night just fine."

(Sometimes I really do need that, though!)


  1. Amen, sister! Only with me it isn't the baked potato, it's a piece of cheddar cheese... (Sigh...)

    1. Oh, I love cheddar cheese! There's a local farm, Pineland Farms that makes a wonderful Pepperjack Cheddar. Yummy!


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