How people took a stand for weight in the 1950s

Here are more scans from my 1952 Spring and Summer Montgomery Ward catalog, this time sharing some bathroom weight scale options. How do they compare to today?

These scales only go up to 250 pounds! I took a quick glance at amazon best selling scales, and the trend for top sellers seems to be a max of 400 pounds.

This "doctor's type" scale goes up to 300 pounds, still below today's equivalent that goes up to 400 and up.

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  1. The first thought I had to your question is that people didn't hate their scales as much as they do today! If I read this correctly, the height measurement only goes to 6'3" :-)

  2. Isn't this interesting? Last year I bought the cutest 1950s vintage Detecto scale, and noticed that it only went up to 250 lbs. I weigh myself on it daily, and am amazed that after all these years it is still extremely accurate. My partner was so offended when he stepped on the scale and nearly hit the limit. What could I say? I wear a Fitbit and he offered to buy me the scale that they make, but I love my pretty pink scale so much, I passed. I let him buy me boots instead...and himself a Fitbit.

    1. My grandmother had a pink vintage scale. Only went to 250 pounds too. Your story made me laugh. My hubby always asks if I want the newest thing because he assumes the vintage will soon break. I love my fitbit too!


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