Cheerful things for a snowy, brisk Maine spring Sunday

Early this morning it was snowing and in the low 30s. Now it's past noon and despite the blustery winds gusting up to 50 mph the sun has since shown the gloom who's boss! I can hear birds chirping away outside, too. Because the Maine winters are long, I love orange, yellow and green in my kitchen and cookery. They really can cheer a Maine gal up.

I made the chopped salad/relish above from gherkins (baby pickles), celery, grape tomatoes and organic corn kernels. I plan to have it with the leftover traditional Maine baked beans I made (all day) yesterday. That recipe will be posted this week. 

Here are a few more cheery things happening:

I had been using alleged stainless steel imported banal (nothing pretty about them; all function) utensils in my cooking for the past ten years. Curious after my recent forage for lead in my kitchenware I looked for any manufacturer, country of origin or metal identification markings on them and noticed there were none. The only indication that they were even made of stainless steel was a sticker on the bottom of the canister they came in. Really?! I don't even recall where I had purchased them. They were recently replaced with the vintage stainless USA made Ekco above.

Tiny Tim just enjoyed some clementine:

He uses his paw to hold it down while he takes a bite, and then shakes his head as he eats it.

Lastly, this makes me chuckle. It's from the packaging of my new 1960s Harvest Gold Lazy Susan. Here is the BEFORE:

So yeah, clearly there are some problems here! I'm not sure Rubbermaid can solve her deeper underlying issues. And after?

Nothing Rubbermaid organizers and coffee(? what's in that cup of cheer) can't solve!


  1. Wow! :/ That bottom picture looks like my Aunt's pantry. Except she has rows of condiments 3-4 bottles deep. As in 3-4 bottles of ketchup. She lives alone. I have 3 kids and don't go through that much ketchup in a year! But I envy the neatness!
    Cute hamster...was that clementine a little sour? :) your salad sweet gherkins or dill? Probably sweet, huh? The farther North you go the sweeter the salads. As you go South they get more dilly and sour.

    1. lo_lo, she sounds cute. That's a lot of ketchup!

      Tiny Tim is a guinea pig. :) The clementine was very sweet. I shared it with him. :)

      The gherkins were actually not sweetened. Just vinegar, mustard and onion. But that's the exception for sure! I bought them at my local health food store.

  2. Guinea pig! Sorry! :) I think I was on autopilot..


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