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A Peek at Peaks

Portland, Maine, in particular the Old Port is the place to be if you like the water! Wayne and I took a round-trip ferry ride to Peaks Island. Ready for the ride?

Looking out at South Portland as we head away from the terminal.

Wayne loves boats. He built yachts and designed yacht systems for almost two decades!

It was a hot day so the cool breeze felt great. The cute little lighthouse is Breakwater Lighthouse also known as "Bug Light."

Pretty sails!

Casco bay is filled with not just sailboats but yachts, paddlers and speed boats.

This sail boat is very impressive!

Oopsie. Someone needed a tow.

Approaching Peaks Island...

Close-up of a couple of kids having fun. They dove into the water as we passed them.

See that crowd waiting to get on the ferry back to Portland? To the left is a bar that has a "Reggae Sunday." It's popular with literally boatloads of college kids. We stayed on the ferry because we were just on it for the ride.

The other passengers seemed t…

Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary

This morning I walked the trail at the Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary.

I passed a cormorant that seemed to be watching the tide come in.

Usually there are many egrets but I didn't see any this morning.

It's going to be in the upper 80s today and somewhat hazy which you can see from the sky.

Low tide means you can see the rocks and formations.

There were very few people out this time of morning other than an occasional jogger or cyclist.

A cormorant faced the road, wings spread. They do it to dry their wings, but it looked like he was flashing the passing cars!

Vintage Inspired Mexican Muslin Cotton Peasant Tops!

Hey all. I hope it's not too hot where you live. It's over 90 here in Maine!
I recently was on a quest to buy a colorful, embroidered Mexican peasant top made from a natural cotton, the kind that was very popular in the 1970s. I did a search on ebay, and this came up in the results:

A brand new made in China "vintage" 70s "Mexican" blouse. Right. Besides the yeahokwhatever factor, the tops weren't the look I was seeking. 
Then I came upon another seller offering new Mexican "100% cotton" tops. The model doesn't look happy about wearing them! I didn't like the look of the fabric which reminds me of nurse scrubs.

I noticed some other sellers offering very similar tops, also advertised as 100% cotton. In one such listing I spotted THIS:

So yeah, not 100% cotton and definitely not a natural ecru heavyweight fabric.
I do a lot of shopping on Amazon but I didn't have good luck for this particular quest there, either. The tops I saw wer…

Hashtags aren't conversations; memes aren't activism.

"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
The above quote appeared in a meme in my Facebook feed as a passive aggressive way to suggest that anyone who wasn't speaking out on social media about the recent Dallas tragedies is either a part of the problem or doesn't care.
I don't think Elie Wiesel was referring to social media in his Nobel acceptance speech, especially since it didn't exist in 1986. I saw him speak in NYC in the 1980s, read the book Night in grade school and have a great deal of respect for him.
But to back up a minute, last month I deactivated my Facebook account for two weeks to detox from the vitriol, snark and angrier than thou sanctimony that was a common theme in my Facebook feed. As a friend of mine confided in me as to why he completely went nuclear and permanently deleted his account: "Facebook isn't good for my brain."
Over the past …

Celebratory "Lobstah" for 22 years!

Yesterday Wayne took me out for lobster at our favorite five star lobster dive for the freshest lobster, crispiest fries, crunchiest slaw and dynamic waterside views to celebrate 22 years since my last drink.

As you can see it was a misty early evening but that only added some coastal charm. 
I don't celebrate milestones in my sobriety in the manner of: "Phew! I made it another year! How long can I keep this up?" It really is a happy day to think of how much my life has improved since then. It's the same with when I started eating retro. I'm loving it! Counting calories, cooking wholesome foods from scratch and moving around more is not something I endure to maintain a healthy weight. I enjoy it! As you can see I still eat out and am not missing out on good times.
Self-care feels good!

July 4th Weekend in Pictures

Walking along the trail at Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth

First pick from Tiny Tim's garden!

Three dories, Kennebunkport


 Happy days!