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Field Trip: Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine 2016

The last time I went to the Maine Common Ground fair was about 20 years ago!

We were on the road at 6:30 a.m. for the close to two hour ride.

An old-timey gas station in a cute little town (I think Albion).

Lots of environmental activism at the fair. Please enlarge this to read about Poland Spring and Nestle. There's some stuff going on about which few people outside of Maine are aware.

Live letterpress postcard printing demonstration.

Good crusty bread (that I can't eat, bummer.)

This artisan makes peace signs from the wood and metal of wine barrels.

It wasn't just pretty in this booth--it smelled heavenly.

More scents.

Some pro-hemp anti-Hillary dude.

Beautiful day!

I tried to explain to him/her that the paint probably contains lead but he/she kept on licking it.

Anyone could milk the goat. I passed.

A really big fork at the Ravioli truck.

Just one section of fair food. There were many.

Organic lamb kabobs! Yay! $12 for each kabob, boooo.

Native American doll mak…

My Own Cherokee Purple Tomato & Red Onion Marinara Sauce Recipe

Yesterday's yield from the garden: Cherokee Purple & Beefsteak
This has been our first and a most extraordinary year for our organic backyard and deck tomatoes despite being in a drought. Wayne watered and tended to them every single morning so that certainly helped! Besides enjoying sliced tomatoes as is, maybe with cheese or in an omelette, tomato and mayo sandwiches, sliced tomatoes drizzled with vinegar or chopped up with our garden cukes, I've been mastering homemade marinara sauce. Contained within that sauce is a secret and scandalous ingredient I will reveal in my recipe!

Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato & Red Onion Marinara Recipe
16 cups of chopped Cherokee Purple (or beefsteak which I've used in the past, or a mix of both which is doubly delicious!) tomatoes 2 cups chopped red onion 1/4 cup olive oil 1 tsp or to taste pink salt
The secret ingredient? The skins! Leave on the skins! Most everyone and recipe will tell you to remove the skins. That's cra…

My New York Times "Editor's Pick" comment about "blackout" drinking


Popping and locking my way into a funk! Don't let age, race or decade define your groove.

The above dancers are so badass!! They're also like 12. Ok, probably 16. Definitely not almost fifty.

None of these Soul Train dancers are white and 48, and it's not the 1970s, but why should that stop anyone (me) from trying? (Looking foolish aside.)

See! This man is allegedly sixty years old! Look!
In late 1970s and early 80s NYC, Roosevelt Island (where I grew up) and very pre-gentrified Astoria Queens (right over the bridge) specifically, street dancing and boom boxes were IT. I wasn't an IT girl and it was mostly the boys who got into it. Even though I was a tomboy, I was also a chain smoking brooding wallflower who liked to sit on the sidelines and make snarky remarks. Any kind of coordinated aerobic exercise was out. I even smoked on the walk to Central Park from school during gym class!

But that was then.
My last cigarette was in 1999. It's been a few years-ish since 1979. I'm a bit older. I gave up brooding long ago since it's rather boring.

As I ap…

Fit Over Sixty Guest Post: Wayne's Weight Loss & Health Gains

Feeling great over sixty!

Averyl asked me if I was willing to share what my daily diet used to look like and how it is today along with my "before" pic on her blog. I admit that I'm shy when it comes to talking about myself like this but she pointed out that it can help inspire others. (Averyl's note: I also told him to get over himself!)
A few years and twenty-five pounds ago I was in what my doctor called a "pre-diabetic condition" and was suffering from severe hypertension. He consequently prescribed medications for both problems but I knew I had to do more to help myself. As you can see from my unflattering "before" pic I had a huge gut. (Averyl's note: How is that even the same guy?!)
Before I worked as a boatyard manager where I built and designed yachts and sailboats I spent almost twenty years in the food service industry. I considered myself to be well acquainted with healthy and wholesome food preparation.  Even armed with that knowl…

Mid-life Beauty on a Budget: Facial Skincare

By reader request! Taking care of our skin as we age can be tricky when we live in an ageist society that profits from self-hate. It can feel like we have to drop hundreds of dollars on products, maybe even Botox and other fillers (not for me!) to not look like ourselves. I am totally OK with "looking my age." I just want to look and be healthy and hydrated! I have found some excellent products with "dime store" pricing (comparatively speaking) that do that for me at age 48.
First thing I do, and this is very very important: I STAY OUT OF EXTENDED DIRECT SUNLIGHT!! I plan my outdoor activities so that I am either outside in the early morning, later afternoon or in a shaded area. I would rather do this than wear sunscreen, because shade is the best organic, non-chemical, inexpensive SPF out there. I know that even indirect sunlight ages our skin but I dislike the idea of slathering sunscreen on myself every single day. It's not perfect, but it's what I'…

Doctors no longer address obesity. Women are more accepting of their bodies. Yay?

During my annual physical I noticed that my Doctor's office no longer opens a dialog or instructional posters/handouts about obesity, overweight, underweight, or weight at all. Patients are asked to stand on a scale where there is a poster offering tips along the lines of "Health At Every Size."

I think these current news stories, when shown together, show a bigger theme at play:

Doctors now ask permission to discuss weight, if they bring it up at all.
"Can We Talk About Your Weight?"

" issues may take priority over discussing obesity, and social stigma may make providers hesitant to label patients, especially children, as obese."
"URMC Study Shows Obesity Diagnosis is Often Overlooked"

"In 1991, no state posted an obesity rate higher than 20%. In 2015, all states topped 20%, and half were at or above 30%."

"Modest Progress or New War on Obesity?"

"Body Acceptance Rises For Women"
It's now three years…