Importing Midlife Style from Marks & Spencer in the UK

This style post features two 100% natural fiber tops I ordered from Marks & Spencer, the British retailer est 1884.
. Color: Red Mix. UK Size: 10.

"Cut for a bodycon fit to follow the contours of the body, choose your normal size." 

It's made of 100% Plan A Cotton. I had never heard of that and was intrigued to learn about their commitment to sustainable cotton. As far as the weave and feel, this cotton is unlike any I've owned. It's silky soft and has a stretchy weave. 

Price: $13. YES! Only thirteen US dollars!
This is the most form-fitting top I've ever owned, maybe a little too much for me personally. My plan is to wait until the spring to wear it underneath a denim jacket which I think will be cute paired together.

Below: Tie Front Crewneck Jumper. Color: Burgundy. UK Size: 10. 

"Shaped for a relaxed, loose fit, choose your normal size." 

Made of 90% wool, 10% cashmere.

Price: $56. Very reasonable!

This sweater "jumper" which appears to be the UK term for sweaters, is mysteriously super soft, as in how do they do that? There's not a hint of itchiness to it. As you can see it's definitely a relaxed fit.

Express shipping is free. I placed my order Sunday evening and my shipment arrived from the UK only days later on Thursday! My sweater shipped on a hanger and was fully wrapped in plastic similar to a dry cleaning bag. I'm looking forward to seeing what they offer for the spring!

M&S has an extraordinary selection of beautiful food that sadly is only available in the UK. Wayne has actually been to their London store. It's a dream of mine to take a prolonged vacation in the UK someday. I'm heartbroken that they did away with their retirement Visa!

Also new and of note is that I have added information for "Collaboration."  I welcome the opportunity for companies to send me things "courtesy of" to review on my blog which has been sponsor-free since its inception. I'm hoping 2017 will afford me the opportunity to devote more time to blogging!


  1. Love your new acquisitions, Averyl... very flattering and priced right! Coincidentally, I just ordered some English loafers, which I haven't yet received. Yes, you'll love M&S...we just discovered them during our first trip to the UK last summer. Amazing selection and a wonderful deli.

    1. Thank you, Lois. Wonderful that you were at M&S! You just brought back memories of my loafers I wore in the 1990s with my L.L.Bean Chinos. I had a pair in brown and one in black. Very classic shoes. I stopped wearing them once I started working from home. Maybe I'll scope some out this spring!


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