Our Winter Wonderland (and cleanup!) after the Nor'easter

Wayne and I are fortunate because we didn't lose power other than for a brief minute in the middle of the night. Over 25,000 people in our county are without power right now. The storm started yesterday morning with snow, then rain, then snow, more heavy rain before it turned over to very heavy snow. We think we got maybe eight or more inches in our yard.

He got started with the snowblower around 5:30 a.m. when it was still dark.

After a blustery night the air was still and the scenery spectacular.

Wayne cleared the driveway and brushed our cars off. He's the best.

I was outside in my pajamas and storm overcoat (it's an L.L.Bean wool duffle coat I bought in the late 1990s that looks brand new but it's too big for me now so I just wear it for shoveling and such) taking pictures and keeping Wayne company. Not to worry, he gets coffee in bed every morning, plus I spent two hours shoveling last storm!

Our home looks cozy and cottage-like.

The neighbors were also up clearing their driveways. The sounds of shovels, snowblowers and plows are a constant after a storm like this.

Getting lighter out.

He gets used to it.

The changing light changes everything around it.


Roof raking is an ongoing chore for Wayne. We don't want ice dams!

Seems like it could be comfy despite the cold.

After we moved our cars Wayne finished clearing the driveway from the snow that came off of them.

See what I mean about the light changing things?

I love it!


  1. Oh, how beautiful. Makes me nostalgic. Lived in New England for 14 years, and to me waking up in the dark to the sound of the snowplow shovel hitting the ground is the epitome of comfort....snuggling back under the covers knowing someone is out there digging you out. And then the hush of a snow covered world afterwards. Love it.

    1. I'm so happy to send some virtual snow and sounds your way, Tina! When I lived in the south while my ex-husband was still in the military I really missed it.

  2. wow!! this is so beautiful. be safe and stay warm :)

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I just read that over 90,000 Mainers are still without power! We're toasty warm and safe. :)

  3. Stunning! And good for you finding the beauty in what others see as harsh. Your photos remind me of the winter of 1978, when we had a big freeze while living near Princeton, NJ. I grew up in Colorado, but had never seen an ice storm. Dangerous but dazzling! I took photos, too, though not as lovely as yours! Don't you love how the light creates little rainbows when it hits the frozen tree branches...Nature's Christmas trees! Thank you for sharing these gems, and I'm glad to know you didn't lose power!

    1. Lois, I was in Maine during the 1998 ice storm and lost power for days. Then about ten years after that my ex and I were living in the sticks and lost power for days. We were on well water then which also meant no running water if there was no power. We bought a generator and I still have it. Wayne fires it up from time to time to ensure it's ready. So danger, downed trees, treacherous driving and people without power aside, the ice can be very dazzling! It makes the branches and shrub look as if they are encased in glass. And yes, the light adds to the show and beauty. Especially when it melts. ha! Thank you for your well wishes!

  4. Beautiful pictures. The first one of Wayne plowing, I thought was a painting. :)
    The warm yellow light, and then the icy blue....reminded me of the transition you took your bedroom through. It's so funny that even your snow picts look vintage.

    1. Thank you! Interesting connection with redecorating my bedroom!


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