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I count calories and I let it control me!

I just read a comment by a woman; she stated she sometimes will count calories but doesn't allow calorie counting to control her. Well I do! That's exactly why I count them! It helps me distinguish between real hunger and some internal smooth or crazy talk that has nothing to do with my need for food: "I see I already had over 2,000 calories today, so chances are good that this is PMS telling me I need a steak and baked potato RIGHT NOW (at bedtime) and I will make it through the night just fine."

(Sometimes I really do need that, though!)

1919 Vintage Plus-Size American Lady Corset Ad: "Design Not Weight" "Stout-Fashion" Corsets

I came across this ad in one of my 1919 Ladies Home Journal magazines while researching a recipe. I think it's very dignified and respectful. The ad doesn't seek to make any statements about what's real or best or normal for a woman's body shape. It simply promotes what it's designed to do. What do you think?

How I made my own cake so I could eat it, too.

Something I've learned from eating retro since 2010 is that I didn't just have to go on a diet from contemporary diets or simply abstain from junk food. Just as I began to make food from scratch, I, too had to start from scratch and do a reset, especially with sugar.
2010, Year One
Things got very real. I was on a sugar time-out for a year. I ate no added sweeteners. I made use of unsweetened dates, figs and raisins in place of sugar for cooking and baking. I ate out on occasion and I know almost all restaurants use ingredients that contain sugar but that was the extent of my consumption. 
Why would I do something so extreme? I was a sugar junkie, and my addiction had been fed by my previous dieting. My "enough" switch was broken. I ate so much sugar that I was cranky, spacey and showed no signs of being able to moderate my intake. I tried the pre-packaged approach as a portion control solution which is part of manufacturer's marketing, of course. This "fix&qu…