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Gluten-Free Vegan Groovy Chickpea Burger Recipe

Wayne and I decided (well, I decided and told Wayne, ha) in an effort to further reduce our consumption of animals we're going vegetarian until Thanksgiving. After the holidays our goal is to be vegetarian for three weeks each month, maybe more. Rather than see that as limiting, I'm seeing an opportunity to create and play in the kitchen all winter to come up with new recipes. Of course I'll post some of the fun here!
Although I have some intriguing vintage vegetarian recipes and cookbooks for inspiration I kicked off our new diet with my own veggie burger creation. In the spirit of frugal housewives from the first part of the 20th Century I made use of what I already had in the house: Can of chickpeas, tahini, onion, oats and leftover mashed sweet potatoes. I bought some mushrooms and organic sunflower seeds because I was looking at my nutrition stats on fitday and realized I need more vitamin E in my diet. Although I used all organic ingredients which is pricier than no…

Decluttering My Career: From Busy Production Design Studio to Serene Writer's Den

My home office has served me very well, but it was time for a major change.
From 2001 through last year I ran a brisk and busy business from my home office. I've provided vintage imagery, research and design services to businesses; had been selling my vintage finds on ebay, many years with PowerSeller status; designed and manufactured my own retro greeting card line that I sold online and wholesaled locally. During that time I also blogged while I wrote my first book.
After my divorce I realized that I wanted to spin down some of my business so I could dedicate more time to my writing. My ebay inventory that was piled on my production table in the middle of my office, my card making supplies, the research source materials (old papers, magazines, etc) and the multiple storage bins they were in placed beneath and around the table began to feel like clutter closing in on me.
I discontinued my retro Christmas card line after the holiday season last year and spent this past year sel…

Mackworth Island, Falmouth, Maine

Last week Wayne and I took a walk around Mackworth Island in Falmouth.  The Island was donated to the State of Maine in 1946 by Governor Baxter to be used for public enjoyment and "a sanctuary for wild beasts and birds.'"

No bikes are allowed on the trail.

Peaceful field.

The view along the perimeter.

Colorful ledge.

This ivy is suffocating the tree!

A beautiful pet cemetery from 1921.

Governor Baxter loved his Irish Setters.

It's so peaceful and quiet here.

One of the benches along the trail.

The Fairy Village!

Well appointed fairy quarters. This one was my favorite.

Another bench, chained to a tree like the others. I guess they are a hot item?

This feels like a skinny mini version of the Redwoods forest. However, I've never been to the real Redwoods (yet), so I'm probably way off here.

I don't know what these are but they are cute.


The afternoon sunshine was warm and welcome.

Taking off my shades.

My Le Creuset Crusade, Kittery, Maine

For over a decade I've stocked my kitchen with vintage essentials like Pyrex bowls, flatware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, sets of dishes, drinking glasses and linens mostly hand-picked from local yard and estate sales. I have purchased a few vintage cast iron pieces on ebay over the years like my 1920s Griswold cast iron waffle maker.

Overall I have invested a great deal of time but very little cash on high quality made-in-the-USA things. That's why the concept of buying BRAND NEW *and* expensive beautifully colored cast iron pieces by Le Creuset seemed extremely extravagant. I have never spent or budgeted hundreds of dollars for a single piece of cookware.

I added a Soleil Le Creuset 6.75 quart Dutch oven to my Amazon wish list sometime this spring. Last week I went ahead and ordered it! I was hoping it would be large enough for a small turkey based upon the measurements, not just a chicken, but realized once it arrived that it would be too small. Also, some of the yell…