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Our Winter Wonderland (and cleanup!) after the Nor'easter

Wayne and I are fortunate because we didn't lose power other than for a brief minute in the middle of the night. Over 25,000 people in our county are without power right now. The storm started yesterday morning with snow, then rain, then snow, more heavy rain before it turned over to very heavy snow. We think we got maybe eight or more inches in our yard.

He got started with the snowblower around 5:30 a.m. when it was still dark.

After a blustery night the air was still and the scenery spectacular.

Wayne cleared the driveway and brushed our cars off. He's the best.

I was outside in my pajamas and storm overcoat (it's an L.L.Bean wool duffle coat I bought in the late 1990s that looks brand new but it's too big for me now so I just wear it for shoveling and such) taking pictures and keeping Wayne company. Not to worry, he gets coffee in bed every morning, plus I spent two hours shoveling last storm!

Our home looks cozy and cottage-like.

The neighbors were also up clear…

Vintage 1905 Steamed British "Mother Eve's Pudding" Recipe

Wayne and I enjoyed a beautiful British steamed pudding after our Christmas dinner. As promised, here is the recipe for this obscure 1905 treat, Mother Eve's Pudding from my British Women's Cookery Book. This recipe was submitted by Miss Orkney from Bervie. (I found an earlier recipe in poetry form online.) I cut the recipe in half, as follows, for a smaller pudding:
2 large eggs: 140 calories 3 oz bread crumbs ground fine. (I used ground gluten-free crackers but will bake my own gluten-free bread to make crumbs next time): 420 calories 3 oz currants: 240 calories 3 medium apples: 240 calories 2.5 oz sugar (I used brown): 275 calories Nutmeg (I used 1/2 tsp)
Put the bread crumbs in a bowl, add the apples peeled and chopped, then the currants, sugar and nutmeg.

Add the eggs well beaten, mix well, pour in buttered mould and boil slowly for three hours.
It seemed simple up until that part, right? I was able to find this very helpful BBC video that demonstrates how to steam a pu…

A Merry 2016 Christmas from the three of us!

Hello everyone! I mentioned in a comment on my previous post that my skin biopsy came back as benign, thankfully. Timmy went through a rough patch with his infection and course of antibiotics but he's on the mend! Wayne is still grieving the loss of his close friend who passed unexpectedly but like everything else we take it one day at a time. Even so, our day was very merry!

Many of our presents were from Timmy, believe it or not. He has a lot of helpers, apparently.

He even got Wayne a vintage card! The other vintage card is from me. Groovy, no?

Poor Timmy lost weight when he was sick but he's getting his healthy appetite back.

Timmy got me a little Christmas tree for my birthday, so I decided to make it a centerpiece for our table.

I placed the tree on a Fenton saucer and added some vintage mini mercury glass ornaments around the base. The embroidered table topper is also vintage from Germany.

Kitchen selfie.

Wearing one of my vintage Christmas aprons. Lots of pockets o…

Bit of a blog break

One of Wayne's dearest friends passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack on Saturday night. They were supposed to get together Sunday morning. It's been devastating. He was a very healthy and active man about the same age as Wayne. 
Timmy, who was able to stay off antibiotics for a full year developed an infection and is now on antibiotics. The abuse he suffered from his previous owners three years ago (and happy anniversary to him being with me!) left him with permanent damage to his skull. There is a fracture that permits bacteria to get into places it shouldn't which makes him susceptible to infections. Antibiotics are hard on his system, especially his stomach, so I have to hand feed throughout the night and day. The good news is that he appears to be on the mend.
Yesterday I had a skin biopsy. My health insurance for 2017 and beyond is scary; I've been on Obamacare since my divorce last year. It's pretty stressful.
I just need some quiet time…

Is there LEAD in vintage Pyrex? Here's what my home test revealed!

Originally posted 3/28/2016, Updated 12/8/2016:  Controversy has been generated by a 12/01/2016 Snopes article that referenced my YouTube video of a 3M home lead test kit applied to my vintage Pyrex Butterprint bowl. Although my video and blog post below were originally posted in March it's now going viral.

Why I no longer shop or live by labels!

Some labels from 1994 at University of Vermont in my grad school dorm: L.L.Bean, steel-toe Doc Martens, leather Coach backpack, Gucci leather planner, L.L.Bean bear and co sitting on Byer of Maine loungers, antique wooden crates still in use in my home office today and that L.L.Bean sleeping bag between the closet and fridge is always in the trunk of my car in case my car ever breaks down during the winter.
Let's talk about clothing and personal style!
My high school wardrobe consisted of hand-me-downs from my color blind hippie mother (although rare, women CAN be color-blind) who is also inches shorter than me, androgynous duds from the long-gone 59th Street Army/Navy store in NYC and a one-time prized purchase of a glittered King Tut t-shirt from Jumping Jack Flash, another 59th Street gem from the 70s. 
Sometimes my mother would drive us over the GW Bridge to the working class Alexander's department store in NJ where clothing was tax-free. I loved this mural but hated ente…

Our Christmas Decorations for 2016

A stenciled "Merry Christmas" mercury glass ornament.

More vintage mid-century ornaments from my collection.

A 1950s glittered atom sign to celebrate the atomic age.

There's our little farm fresh tabletop tree!

A selection of vintage Japan characters always go on the mantel.

Very mod angels and Santa.

This is very special to me. I have loved this since I was a little girl. It belonged to my 100 year old Nana; she sent it to me a couple of years ago. Wind it up and Jingle Bells plays as Santa slowly spins and snow falls.

About six years ago a friend gifted me this vintage Christmas stocking when I shared the photo of my home's fireplace in 1959 on social media.
How swell is that!

More kitschy characters on my mantel.

FINALLY I can use Christmas lights on my tree! As I've mentioned before, you can't use lights on a vintage aluminum tree. The tablecloth is vintage.

This 1950s Beco blow mold Santa Claus sits in my sunroom so he can brighten the view at night. …