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Monday, February 13, 2017

February 2017 Blizzard Cleanup

This morning makes our last big winter storm cleanup look so quaint! We've had countless snowfalls in between then and now. Yesterday Wayne made two full snow clearing passes, clearing about 10" of snow. Shown below was pass #1.

Scenes from this morning at the tail end of the snowstorm:



I unburied the bulkhead door so Wayne could get out.

I had never roof-raked until this morning. Shown is after Wayne took the snowblower to clear the giant mound of snow that came down from the roof. And look, hardly a dent was made!

Our vintage cement deer statue is completely buried!

I went snowshoeing in our woods yesterday and probably will again later. The pretty vintage wooden ones I posted the other day as for display.

More winter on the vintage maple syrup cans (which still contain syrup from the 60s!) on display in my sunroom.

The sun made a very brief break through the clouds before disappearing again.


  1. Wow!! That brings memories. When I was in college my best friend at the time was from Guatemala. I invited him home for winter break. The area wqas hit with a major snowstorm which buried cars like in your photos. On the trip home in the train, he remarked that he had never seen snow before and how light it appeared. After we worked for an hour at my home to just clear the driveway, he never said that again!

    1. Snow removal is keeping me fit this winter, that's for sure!