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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Why I LOVE February!

  Ferry Beach, Scarborough

I do not love February. Because of that I decided to write a post about the things I actually do love (or at least like a whole lot) about this bleak cold winter month as an exercise to keep my attitude in check!

I get to slow down and enjoy my summer finds.

Every yard sale season I stock up on and squirrel away vintage vinyl and old books that I keep off-limits until now. It's like Christmas in February. Now I get to really listen read and savor my treasures.

I dance more.

It's too cold outside! No, I don't ski! So to stay fit I dance a lot more than the rest of the year.

I bake a LOT.

My kitchen, always the brightest room in my home, is a great place to pump (cast) iron while I create or follow new-to-me recipes.

I sleep better.

A nice cool bedroom, down pillows, cozy vintage sheets, a wool blanket and hearing the cold wind outside is slumber-inducing!

I drink more hot beverages.

Herbal tea, hot milk and creative concoctions are wonderful to sip on the couch or before bedtime.

The Super Bowl?

OK, so, no, I don't like football, but Wayne is a HUGE Patriots fan. He and Timmy used to watch football together on the floor, but now that he's no longer with us I am filling in for Timmy. Only I'll be on the couch. Go Pats! (Practicing to sound like I care, ha ha!) I bought organic corn chips, Mexican cheese blend and salsa for our little party.

I'm sure I'm overlooking all kinds of February awesomeness, but will open this up to you, my readers who don't live in the tropics. What kinds of things do you do to pass the cold winter months when you're not busy working?


  1. love the LOVE list!! we won't be watching football tomorrow, but we will be eating delicious tailgate food :)

    1. Thanks! And mmmmm tailgate food!!!