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We are having an April Fool's Day snowstorm! However, all week they were predicting 8"-10". Then last night and early this morning they revised the totals (in earnest, not a prank) to only 4". Yet we have about 8" and it's still coming down! Plus, to make it more fun, we lost power for forty minutes due to a downed tree on the power lines in my neighborhood. I'm really glad I hadn't yet started to bake that loaf of bread! 

Every year around this time I question my sanity for living in Maine. That's it! This is nuts! WHY AM I LIVING IN THIS CRAZY STATE? Then in the "spring" (aka practically early summer here, ha!) there's no place I'd rather live and that lasts until around this time of year. Also, the little kids across the street help me keep my bad attitude towards the snow in check. They are outside playing and I can hear them giggling and shrieking. They don't need to check in with the calendar to see if their window for fun time in the snow expired. Fun is in the NOW for them. 

In other news, I read the obit for an elderly neighbor in my neighborhood who had moved into assisted living a couple of years ago. Although in his late 80s he was always out raking leaves in dress slacks and a pressed button-down shirt. I used to chat with him when I was out walking. 

I'll never forget the time, around 2011 after I had lost my weight and walked by his house, he shouted: "Hey! Looking good!" And gave me the thumbs up. I learned from chatting with him that he was a monk and said raking leaves was a form of meditation for him.

"My kids keep telling me to stop because they say I'm too old. What am I supposed to do? Sit around all day?!" 

I read in his obit that due to a special activity fund at the Maine Veterans' Home, at age 89 he was able to realize a lifelong dream of riding a horse. RIP.


  1. The view from your window is gorgeous! Here in Portugal, we only get snow in the mountais or higher cities, but because I live in the center/south of Portugal, we only see it in the news!
    Your neighbor was very wise. It doesn´t matter how much time we live; what matters is how we live our life!

    1. I'm glad I was able to bring some virtual snow to you! Thankfully it's all melting now and things will start to turn green very soon (I hope!) : )


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