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Vanity Sizing: 1970s Misses Wrangler Jeans vs 2017

As part of my downsizing I'm in the process of sorting through my collection of vintage ephemera to get it organized for when I list it online. I came across this tag I had set aside after I removed it from a pair of vintage Wranglers I bought a couple of years ago. It has a sizing chart inside so I decided it's time for another vanity sizing infographic! 

As always, your clothing size is not:

A measure of your health.
A medical consultation.
A substitute for a scale and tape measure.
A reflection of your worth.
A reason to beat yourself up.
A measure of reality.  

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You don't have to hold up signs or have Instagrammable moments to be an activist.

This post further expands upon my summer post, Hashtags Aren't Conversations; Memes Aren't Activismand November'sOn Silence, Quiet and Self-Care. Based upon what I've been seeing my my social media feeds, popular current activism includes some of the following:
Making snide or mean-spirited remarks about the other "side" either directly or passive-aggressively via memes.
Marching in public with signs.
People who have previously marched in public with signs questioning the validity and motives of people who are marching with signs for the first time.
People who marched in public with signs questioning the validity and motives of people who did not march in public with signs.
Staying "informed" which seems to mean glued to toxic social media and the news.
Copying and pasting instructions on how to call representatives.

From the cover of my 1970s copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves
I've been an activist for a large part of my life, and presently it do…

Wayne's friend is building "Calidris", a 32 foot yacht. By hand. Himself!

Hi. I'm feeling somewhat better since my car accident (although I haven't driven my car since then) and losing Timmy. I've even had numerous nights of good and plentiful sleep which is big for me as many of you know. My car is going to the body shop tomorrow morning and it should be ready by the end of the week. I miss Timmy all of the time since I work from home and was accustomed to having him with me but each day it becomes more bearable. 
Today I have a guest post from Wayne (the words are his, the pics, mine). He and I went to visit his friend Dave in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he is building a vintage inspired 32 foot wooden Lobster Yacht, "Calidris." He's building it by himself, by hand. 
Wayne has built, with help from the team he supervised, over twenty yachts during the course of his career and is happy to offer some advice to his friend.

I was very inspired by Dave and his dedication to making his dream come to life.

Today Averyl and I …