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Sunday Celebration With My Centenarian Nana

Wayne and I drove out of town on Sunday for a family reunion. Our first stop was at my 100 year old Nana's new home before we all went to my aunt's house. Can you get over how fabulous she looks and IS?! I mean, I'd be grateful to look like her at any age! AND, get this...she has 20/20 vision. As in when we arrived she was in the process of applying her lipstick without any eyeglasses!

I wonder what Wayne will look like if he lives to be 100?? 

Nana was happy to see everyone and finally meet Wayne! Here she is with one of my cousins. For the record, I was her first grand kid! I thought it was so cute that SHE brought that up to me yesterday, awwww!

I have so few photos of Wayne and me that aren't selfies, so this one is special.

My aunt always does such a beautiful job with cooking and entertaining.

She made the place cards herself.

There is something very special about this portrait of my great grandmother.

She's wearing the brooch that my aunt still has today!

Beauty: A Matter of Balance in Fashions and Foods Lane Bryant Diet Booklet

There was a time in the late 1950s/early 1960s when Lane Bryant suggested to their customers that they be mindful of the calories in their desserts! Beauty:A Matter of Balance in Fashions and Foods is a Lane Bryant diet booklet co-branded with "D-Zerta."

"This booklet is dedicated to each Lady Bountiful who wishes to make the most of her beauty by looking and feeling her best.
"Lane Bryant, famous for fashion leadership, discloses secrets to help you select precisely what is right for your figure type in line, design, and fabric. Also revealed here are hints for enhancing your beauty with charm and poise. 
"Offered by General Foods Kitchens are easy and elegant ways to stick to your weight watcher's menu with a host of delightful recipes--all calorie curbed and made the modern way with low-calorie D-Zerta Gelatins and Puddings."

The booklet espouses the merits of having "feminine curves" and that men are pleased that "1/5 of the nation…

A Bittersweet Birthday

Happy birthday to that kid on the right! Wayne turned 62 today! The boy on the left is his younger brother. Wayne has always loved boats!

I handed him his present a few days ago but told him he couldn't open it until tonight. Was that mean??

Tonight we're having dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant that has been in business since the 1950s. 
Sadly, Wayne's mother also passed away. He said it was OK for me to post that here to share with you. 
I'll post an update on the birthday boy's festivities tonight on my IG.
(You may have noticed that my blog has had a complete makeover. I think it's much cleaner and easier to navigate. I hope you will agree!)

A Walk on Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine

You guys! It's in the 50s! This was a selfie I took in my sunroom on my way out to drive to Higgins Beach which is only five miles from my house. Notice there's no snow on the deck behind me! (But also notice the shovel handles? We're supposed to get snow next week!) Here are pics from my walk. Enjoy!

A lone, disc


My church had a book and bake sale this past weekend, so I made my secret recipe whole grain low sugar gluten-free shortbread cookies. My recipe involves over a year of kitchen-testing (and tasting). I was happy to learn they sold out. I also scored some terrific books! The "Who Says We Can't Cook" cookbook is a compilation of recipes published in 1955.

From the Forward:
"This Women's National Press Club Cook Book is not so much a defense of the culinary talents of newspaper women as it is a profit-making venture. We want a clubhouse of our own. With the help of this book, we expect to have a clubhouse sooner."

The beautiful small Victorian book is an 1880s copy of "Selected Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning."

I made a couple of trips to L.L.Bean. The first was to pick up these two monogrammed tote bags.

I went back up with Wayne the next day to buy him some shirts for spring. We had fun looking at the fish in the pond and aquarium. Acting lik…