About Me

Hi! I bet you're wondering: Averyl is pronounced like "April" only with a "v" instead of a "p".

I live in a mid-century ranch house with my boyfriend Wayne in the town of Scarborough which is minutes from beautiful beaches and Portland, Maine. There are two acres of woods in my backyard which sometimes brings wildlife like deer, coyotes, turkeys and one summer, a black bear at a neighbor's house!

Many of the things I love tend to be old-fashioned, but I also appreciate responsible technology while I integrate and utilize things (both tangible and not) from past decades that work for me. My home is filled with mostly vintage upcycled decor I acquired at flea markets, yard and estate sales. I do not own a dishwasher or microwave oven and make most of my food from scratch using outdated techniques. Some of my favorite things to do include exploring Maine, reading old books, listening to vinyl, combing through old cookbooks to find inspiration for my own gluten-free recipes and "eating retro."

As for my past, I lived in Fort Lee, NJ until the summer of fourth grade in the 1970s when I moved into subsidized housing in New York City, Roosevelt Island specifically. I rode the tram into midtown Manhattan five days a week where I then took a bus to The Lenox School (now Birch Wathen Lenox) on the Upper East Side. With the aid of a scholarship I attended until graduation. It was a very intense time for me! Because of some of those experiences, sobriety and spirituality have become an integral part of my life.

College brought me to Maine where I earned a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing. My training and internships at The University of Vermont, where I earned a Master of Science in Counselor Education while I lived in a tiny house in Burlington, included treating addictions and eating disorders. My career goal was to help people via my writing.

Between 1999 and 2001 I lived in Louisville, KY and Jacksonville, NC where my ex-husband was stationed as an active duty Marine. I founded my own company, Career Type, that provided career advice, encouragement and resume writing for military personnel and their spouses as they transitioned into civilian life. I also wrote a story about Marine Corps boot camp that was featured on the front page of a publication of the American Counseling Association.

In 2002 I founded Hillstock, an independently owned vintage stock image and publishing company.

In 2013 I published American Women Didn't Get Fat in the 1950s which documents my research about the American diet and weight trends in the 1950s compared to today. It's also how I lost and have kept off sixteen pounds!

Presently I'm working on new writing projects. I'm excited about what lies ahead!