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Age Positivity

Women weren't always expected to cover their grey. This is from a 1963 Clairol Come Alive ad.

Going gray was a glamorous option.

Before Photoshop and shame filters, beautiful women were permitted to show their wrinkles. This 1974 photo of Cheryl Tiegs was scanned from one of my magazines.

Today it seems like there are negative message all around us telling us that aging is a problem and not a natural process. This salon in my town couldn't stop at grey; they had to remind us that aging is a shameful secret. 

Even at the Whole Foods check-out line last week Wayne and I were faced with "Age Defying" "Instant Life & Firm."  We don't want to defy, defend or hide our age! We just want to be healthy and look great! I have no issues with serums, salves, lotions, and the myriad of products available to "reverse" damage done to our skin. I moisturize throughout the day. The issue is the age-shaming in the marketing.

Wayne is in his early 60s and I'm a year away from fifty. Together we've been sassing stereotypes and expectations placed upon us by others. The best battle is won not by bitterness but by feeling genuinely positive about being who we are. 

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  1. So agree! I try to take excellent care of myself, because I love myself, but don't obsess over it. I used to think I would dye my hair when it began to turn gray, but I actually like it! At my age, (59), it would look odd not to have any gray hair. Kathy Browne

    1. Good for you!Self-care from a place of caring and not condemnation is best!