Do you lust for cake instead of your husband?


  1. While most of your comments are insightful, the wife looking longingly at the cake is not news to the insightful husband. I have been on the losing end of competing against Ben and Jerry's, Creme Brulee, and other tasty treats for years....How am I supposed to compete with all of that yummy goodness?

  2. Might this be an epidemic? :) Husbands? What do you say?

  3. My husband is cute, but homemade chocolate cake with milk can tempt me. :) Love your blog.

  4. Thank you! I hope you'll keep reading!

  5. Hi! Just found your blog today and I'm loving it. I'm starting at the beginning and trying to get caught up. I love anything related to the 50's and before. I am 34 and am not overweight according to that chart thingy that tells you what your normal weight range should be, however I do struggle with over-indulging on occasion. One thing I have often wondered if part of the reason that women in the 50's didn't struggle with weight like we do today is because of the fact that "lite" or "fat-free" wasn't in existence yet. Could it be that when these women sat down to a meal, that they actually walked away fulfilled and not starving in an hour or two because of the lack of real nutrient in their food.
    I'm looking forward to reading more and following along with you!
    Thanks and have a great day!

  6. Hi, fellow klutz. : ) I'm so glad you found my blog. YES, a meal usually was a square meal!

  7. Hey I also wanted to say this is a great blog. I came across it when I randomly decided to try to find out what women really weighed and measured back in the 50's. As going through dress patterns I have to get the really really big ones. But I'm only an Australian 16 - 18, so only just bigger then average.

    Read a few of your newer posts and now going through the older ones. So thanks for a great blog I can tell I will be up late tonight catching up through it.

    1. Hi, Shell, thank you and welcome to my blog!


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