In the 1950's, Enough Was Enough

While out walking around my neighborhood today which is comprised mostly of  modest sized homes built in the 1950's and 60's, I was thinking about how, up until the past couple of decades of excess, enough was generally enough. There is a newer subdivision off one street filled with what some people would call "McMansions."  Instead of 1,200 square foot homes, each is about 4,000 plus square feet.

Sure, people tried to keep up with the Joneses in 1950's suburbia, but the benchmarks for bigger and better were far more manageable and affordable than what we have now, probably because credit cards and mortgages weren't handed out freely like today.

I think the current culture of more means means a normalization of overindulging and acceptance of the consequences..."tomorrow." Buy more now, pay more later. Eat more now, lose more tomorrow (which we keep putting off). We live in bigger houses which seem to match our growing waistlines.

The core of overeating is not being content with "enough," or not eating enough of the foods that nourish and sustain us.

I believe that the way to be satisfied with all we need is to learn to see the richness of eating within one's means, and making eating more meaningful beyond "I want this, and since it's good, gimme more!" After all, hunger is the best sauce.


  1. We live in a tract home that was built in 1961. It has 4 bedrooms, 2bathrooms, a dining/living combo and a den. For a family of five, it's the perfect size. We recently had the opportunity to get a bigger (and more expensive) house and I refused! I really feel like any more space would just go to waste and I'd have to pay for it and clean it. It was interesting how you made the connection between houses and our bodies. How we just fill them up with "junk" because we can. Lots to think about here.

  2. I just found your blog and love it. First of all I'm on Weight Watchers and trying to lose weight. Plus I love anything to do with the 50's. So you have the perfect combination for me.

    You are right about being hungry and how much better things taste. I'm going to remember that and even write it down to put in my kitchen.



  3. Fabulous post! I agree wholeheartedly. We live in an old house (1800's). It's only got 2 bedrooms and since we've got 2 kids, we've decided to sell. As we are looking at houses, I am finding that it is sometimes hard to find a house that is "just big enough", but that's our goal because like another commenter said, the space would just go to waste AND you'd have more to clean.
    And that can definitely be applied to our bodies as well. I totally agree with what you said about how nowadays people want to indulge now and deal (or not deal) with the consequences later.

  4. Tessa, I'm very happy you get what I'm saying! Sometimes I wonder if this stuff swirling around in my head will make sense and be helpful to others!

    Joanne, welcome to my blog and I'm glad you love it! Thank you!

    klutzyama, thank you. I just know you will find the perfect house- one that will provide enough room and fill you with joy to maintain instead of feeling like it's a burden and starts to take over!

  5. Averyl, This is a great post. I went on an anti-supersize craze a while back and freaked out at the huge cans of HFCS disguised as soda. Have you seen those huge cans called Monster? Remember 8-oz glasses? Maybe I'll blog about that soon. I love checking in with you. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Sherry! Always nice to see you here! I hadn't seen the "Monster" cans but I just googled them. I will be posting about these "energy" drinks at some point!


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