There's no magic, just a mindset

You can't bring yourself back to the 1950's but you CAN go bring them into your kitchen and diet!

The women of the 50's didn't have access to magic diet dust that removed extra calories from what they ate, and contrary to what some think, not everyone was taking dangerous diet pills (and look at how many are on the market today!) 

I'm working on a "cheat sheet" for quick ways to incorporate the 50's into your daily routine. It isn't about what to eat- we all know what's bad for us and what's good! 

The "magic" is in the mindset. And you can change THAT at any time!


  1. How true that is Averyl! I've spent years working that belief of magic out of my system! Now at a healthier weight and healthier attitude, I remember that there was no madness, only common sense and moderation. Advertising does a great job of complicating our issues with claims of new products that will do this and that, but we really need to take a look at where our food comes from! and use common sense. Have a great week!

  2. Sherry, you've got that right! Thanks and you have a great week, too!


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