Sugar at Supper Time! Lawrence Welk on PBS

I have a secret that will be no more. Well, some close friends know.

I sometimes watch The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday evenings.

What's nice is that whenever I bring it up in a conversation I pretty much get the same response: "Is that still on? I used to love watching it at my grandparents' house!" And their faces light up before they realize how uncool that might sound.

Good news! Although the show began airing in 1955 and ran until 1982, you can watch Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS!

Yes, it's often syrupy but sometimes I need that to offset the dark and seedy "entertainment" of 2012. If you don't like the music then the sets, outfits and hair are a feast for admirers of vintage style. Look at the fantastic "Mad Men" hair in the above video!

But no, that isn't enough for me. I'm going to live wild tonight because I recently purchased vintage TV trays so that I could eat dinner at the same time. 

I hope you're laughing at me because I am. This is all coming from a gal who enjoyed mosh pits in the 1980s! Rock-n-Roll by day, easy listening at night. That's me.

OK so this may all sound silly but so many of us engage in stress eating. We're bombarded with negative and depressing images online and on TV. Unlike the 1950s we get news updates every second which can be toxic to our mental well-being. Sometimes modern life calls for an antidote of schmaltz. 

Why not try a little no-cal sugar in your evening tonight?


  1. I love it! Ain't no shame in your game. That sounds like a perfect evening to me. I'll be having mine at the coffee table. I can completely lose myself when the Lawrence Welk Show is on. And that's a good thing.

  2. I've never seen Lawrence Welk's show but I probably should since it was such a part of our culture. Good for you for finding something you enjoy and not just watching what's spoonfed to us.

    I remember tv trays! Ours were from the late 60's and had bright yellow mod flowers. Maybe they were early 70's. Anyway, eating while watching tv was a BIG deal in my house. My dad is more traditional so dinner was on the dining room table at 6pm every night and we were expected to be there or not eat until breakfast. We only broke out the tv trays when dad was working late during the holidays (he was a retail exec) or when he went to Europe on business.

    Sarah H

  3. EK I'd love to have a LW dinner party with you!

    Sarah please let me know if you do watch LW and what you think of it! And how fun that you had flower power TV trays!

  4. Hello!

    We had TV trays too, they were wood panelling brown with gold floral in lay, real beauties! We were allowed to eat on TV trays when we were watching something special, like Christmas cartoons!

    I love the frothy confection like dresses on the LW Show!!

  5. Michelle, hi! I like that for you and for Sarah having dinner was more than eating- it was something important and meaningful.

    About the gowns, that's funny. My husband has referred to some the colors as "Creamsicle orange" and "key lime green."

  6. He is right! They were brilliant shades of creamsicle orange, key lime green, baby blue, and bubble gum pink.

    I remember watching that show with my Grandma, then my Grandpa would watch Hee Haw after that!

  7. Michelle- I remember watching Hee Haw sometimes as a kid!


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