Don't mistreat your stomach all day! 1951 "Good Eating Habits."

This is great advice for adults and not just kids! Sadly, America's eating habits are like this today: Eating in a rush or on the go, snacking on too many sweets, gulping and shoveling food instead of taking small bites. A stomach ache is just one of many physical reactions to being mean to yourself. That's exactly what it is, you know, only now we call it "treating" ourselves: "I'll treat myself to this candy bar and cookies" while not eating enough of the kind of foods that are, well, kind!


  1. I love your blog! Thank you so much for the work you do

    1. Hi, doree! Thank you! :) It's my pleasure.

  2. Such a cute video, but very good advice ;o)

    Love the website, thanks!


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