1950s: Skinny chicks. 2012: Chicks, drugs, and big breasts

Chicken in the 1950s:

Chicken today:

Those Perdue chickens don't have breast implants. What's in their diet is in yours, too.


  1. Thanks, Averyl! When compared to the picture of the chicken you posted it's really shocking! I have't bought a regular chicken (versus organic and free range from a local farm) in a while. The typical chicken is so round. Chicken's aren't supposed to be round, are they?

    I'm happy to see that the chicken I prepared this week was more like the one in the 1950's ad. It was shaped more like a football than a basketball, which makes sense if the chicken got to move and eat real food!

    Happy Easter or Passover!

    Sarah H.

    1. Thank you and the same holiday wishes to you! I used to say that I celebrated any holiday that involved eating as a part of it.

      I've also been eating organic "football" (like the analogy) shaped chicken for many years. I used to believe that "plump" and "juicy" had to go together but the non-obese birds can be just as delicious and juicy.


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