Vintage Recipe Card: Hazel's Date Crumbles

You'll notice as we go along that many of the recipes handwritten by grandmas are often open to interpretation and leave out certain things like oven temperatures or an idea of how long it should bake. I think this was often done on purpose since, after all, many of these were treasured secrets at one time!

Coming up next week: Marilyn Monroe!


  1. "Mix these with your hand" -- Love it! No electric mixers or blenders for Hazel!

  2. I come from a family who bakes a lot. I am 35 and I baked my first cake at 7. I think its likely that they left of the baking times because when you bake a lot you simply get a feel for it. It would depend on the size of your tin for example. Mostly they are just recording the gist of how to do it

    1. That makes sense. There's an episode of "Petticoat Junction" called "Kate's Bachelor Butter." She receives a lucrative offer for her recipe, but it turns out she can't translate it into an actual recipe for similar reasons. : )


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