My Zeitgeist Music Machines

When I listen to music in my house it's usually not of the MP3 variety. Other than select artists, my taste in music is not contemporary. Sometimes I choose music for where it brings me, or from where it takes me.  It's like time and soul travel.

I own an Edison "Diamond Disc" that came with a cabinet of 78 rpm records. The instant you crank one of these it's easy to feel like you're in the set of a very old silent film. You're powering it all! You're suddenly grooving scratchy and LOUD off the grid to old timey music.

I love this photo I found in an antique album I purchased at an estate sale. This happy looking lady is listening to her Edison Gem ghetto blaster. Was it some kind of block party, maybe? Here's a snippet of mine:


I own two other turntables: One is unsexy new and the other is a very swanky 60s portable model in a leather case ideal for listening to Sinatra. I actually got this beauty at a yard sale in the free pile!

But I don't just listen to vinyl. I own an 8 track player that's made for 70s classic rock. I don't miss sound "quality" because I don't always listen to music hoping for a flawless transmission the same way I don't seek out "perfect" experiences.


Look at the head cleaners I picked up at a yard sale. The pop art adds to the fun. 

I bought this 80s boom box at a yard sale this summer for a buck. Where else would I listen to my 80s Run DMC cassettes? This is exactly how I listened back then, and placing it on my shoulder to rock out makes it extra authentic.

This is an a.m. tube radio I use for display only although it works. The capacitors wear down over time and they need to be replaced to be safe. Tube radios run very hot. If you live in New England like I do you can save on heat in the winter with one of these playing. : )

Finally, when I retire at night, I have my literal "clock radio" by my bedside.

My grandfather had that same exact radio in the 70s. He carried it around with him in his wheelchair later in life and I don't recall him ever putting it down except before bed or when he ate. I missed him so I bought this one on ebay.

Little time machines are all around my house.


  1. I just bought a vintage-looking, but new turntable from Amazon. I have all my Dad's old record albums that we used to listen to together, when I was little. I haven't been able to listen to them in years! So nice to hear them again. I love all your machines!
    Kathy Browne


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