Vintage Booklet: 1957 Looks Ahead to 1982

Fun booklet from 1957

Some of these were close to being accurate:

While many of the predictions never came to fruition, the belief that fruits and vegetables along with a reduction in fat intake would be the diet of Americans was sadly way off the mark despite requiring the least amount of new technology.


  1. Lol! I love the bacon and eggs which have been kept in the house for weeks "thanks to atomic sterilisation". Heehee.

    I'm not old enough to know 1982, but well... some of those things *have* come to fruition now haven't they? We hang TV's on the wall, "like a picture, Big as you like". And their version of online shopping isn't too far off the truth.

    No round building are popular, however, some houses have been built to incorporate nature, or have adjustable lighting to suit the mood.

    This was an interesting read, thanks! :)

    1. Hi Sunny! Yes, you're right about hanging a TV on the wall today, and the TV/phone shopping is very internet-like. In 1982 Atari was considered high tech. : ) However the Home Shopping Network was founded in 1985 so it's not too far off.

  2. I wonder if these predictions were based on what people thought they wanted or what companies wanted. Take the section on clothing. It states that more casual lightweight clothing would be worn, even for men at the office. Did men in the '50's want casual clothing to become the norm or did manufacturers want to sell more casual clothing? It's kind of a chicken and egg thing. In either case we do dress much more casually today. I've seen paper clothing in the instance of disposable bathing suits at hotels for guests that didn't bring one. You wouldn't catch me in one though!


    1. I've never heard of the disposable bathing suits. I bet they aren't as cool as the disposable paper dresses from the 1960s!


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