Before Photoshop: When Crows Feet Were Fabulous

In 1974 an international beauty and fashion magazine did a photo spread of this 1970s model and TV celebrity undergoing beauty treatments. Any guesses as to who this is? I'll post the answer later this week.

I wonder when it became magazine-illegal to show wrinkles?


  1. I think it's you, Averyl!

  2. I think it's either Linda Evans or Carol Alt. I wish I had access to some high quality Photoshop back in high school - I didn't take pictures because my acne was so bad.

  3. It kind of looks like Cheryl Tiegs.

    1. You know, I was starting to think the same thing!

    2. That's who I thought it was but I couldn't remember her name. Just her face. I LOVE how she's posing in a sexy way with her crows feet on beautiful display! (Did not mean to rhyme!)

      Nice find, Averyl!

    3. I love it too, Sarah. : ) She's a real beauty, crows feet and all. Thanks.


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