My Biopsy, Asymetrical Aging, Vitamin B and Vintage T

Two weeks ago I had a shave biopsy on my face between the bridge of my nose and my right eye to test for skin cancer which thankfully came back negative. It wasn't a pleasant experience. First they need to inject the area with a numbing agent, then they scraped and ended with burning some of it off. Yuck!

If it had been positive they would have had to dig it out which left me with a vision of a hole in need of filler. I know a house painter and he said he was skilled with color matching Spackle so I wasn't too worried. ; ) 

Waiting for the results is never fun, either. I'm such a masochist when it comes to asking Dr. Google what's wrong with me. It doesn't matter what the symptoms are, you can find something terminally scary and/or gross with the pictures to prove it. (One time I was having some really weird symptoms and I found the EXACT description! However the advice was to take the cat to the vet immediately. So yeah, not always a good method.)

My dermatologist preaches staying out of the sun completely or always wearing sunblock and taking a vitamin D supplement. I have never liked either extreme, so I avoid the sun during the day when it's strongest and take vitamin D. I don't like to rub chemicals into my body so I skip the sunblock given my brief sun exposure. 

But then she showed me THIS:

That's the face of a truck driver whose left side of his face was always exposed to the sun. Then she looked at me and said that one side of my face was slightly darker than the other. I had never considered that I was asymmetrically aging myself from driving and it makes a very good case for wearing a moisturizer with an SPF if it's sunny.

In other health and beauty news, when I got my hair trimmed yesterday my stylist of three years was shocked at how quickly my hair grew since the last cut. Maybe it has something to do with my taking vitamin B complex for a couple of months. B6 might help with hair growth and B7 (Biotin) is also good for hair.

I always try to get my vitamins naturally from eating nutrient dense foods, but as I've mentioned before, after a certain age our needs change and we sometimes can truly benefit from supplementing a healthy diet.

As for my obsession with Chicago, I bought a new t-shirt and ironed on this vintage transfer that was a premium in Chicago VIII. I had my doubts about it working since it's from 1975, but look!

It's finally sunny and warm here in Maine where we have ten months of winter so I probably will be blogging less during my brief interlude with summer.


  1. I'm so glad your biopsy came back normal. It's so scary. My dad had a friend who was a recreational sailor all his like and developed skin cancer on his ear- we forget to use sunscreen there- later in his life. He had to have part of his ear removed. I always tell my kids about Grandpa's friend Mr. Feldman when they're squirming as I rub on sunscreen. (Yes, I still help my teenagers!)

    Regarding asymmetrical sun damage- I keep a small tube of sunscreen in the car. I know it's not ideal to leave it in the car but it's better than nothing. (I hope.) I use it on my hands too.

    Enjoy your glorious summer!!


    1. Kids do need to hear the scared/scarred straight stories about too much sun exposure. I also keep a tube in my car now.

      Thanks and you too, Sarah! : )

  2. Oh goodness! I'm glad the results came back normal!! Here in North Texas we have very warm to hot weather from May to October. But I'm not out in the sun much so as I've commented previously I now supplement with D3 to keep my vitamin D levels in the normal range.

    However, I do have UV damage in my eyes. I don't think I mentioned that? A few years ago when hubby's kids were young they stayed with us every other weekend. And every Saturday and Sunday that they were here, for years, we took them to the pool. We'd splash around with them but as my eyes have always seemed a little sensitive to the bright sun, the glare from the water and sun, especially when water was in my eyes from playing, was blinding. During a routine eye exam my doctor said that I have UV damage in both my eyes and that I need to religiously wear proper sunglasses every time I was outdoors. No one seems to be able to tell except me when I look in the mirror closely. The whites of my eyes seem a bit red when the condition is aggravated.

    I also wanted to say, good job on the transfer! It looks great!

    1. Oh, that's scary and I do know that eyes can sustain sun damage, too. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you.

      Thanks, Aileen!

    2. Aileen, do you wear the "wrap around Jackie-O" shades? I've worn those for years and they're supposed to be good for preventing sun exposure in the eye area...take care of yourself.

    3. I meant to add that when the condition flares up the whites don't just become slightly reddish it feels like I have something in my eyes like an eyelash or grit except that I don't.

      Momo, no I don't have those. I haven't really looked for them but I just bought a second pair specifically for the pool that are a bit larger on the sides. Hopefully, that will help a little. Thanks!

  3. Glad you're ok! I had a pre-cancerous mole removed when I was a was the most bizarre and painful experience - so I totally empathize with you. I use sunscreen and stay indoors during the day - everyone thinks people in Los Angeles spend their days sunbathing - not if you want to live you don't! Enjoy your weather!

    1. Thanks, MM! Good for you! I like the non-tanned look. Fewer wrinkles, too!


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