A Guinea Pig Christmas


  1. Someone posted this comment but I accidentally deleted it:

    "They are just too cute! What are their names?"

    Thanks! Casper, Chauncey and Timmy (Tiny Tim is his "legal" name I gave him, ha).

    Casper, the white pig, was rescued from an abandoned apartment. He is elderly at approximately age six. Chauncey, the pig facing the tree, is almost five. Timmy, the brown pig, was a "failed foster" of mine that I adopted from the shelter last year. He was abused which resulted in severe head trauma and being blinded in one eye. After a lot of love and rehab (he couldn't walk without falling over due to vertigo) he is a happy, well adjusted boy.

  2. Just seeing this now! So cute- 3 little pigs happily enjoying their Christmas treats!


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