Buried! And more is on the way....


  1. Oh no, Averyl!! How's it going so far? You and your husband doing okay?

    1. Just saw the weather report--another 8 inches this Thursday.

      We're OK but driving around is not! There is only so much room for the snow, so despite road crews doing their thing the roads are getting narrower. Also, because of the tall snowbanks around driveways, pulling in and out is scary, and so is driving when you don't know if someone is going to pull out. Even if you inch out, you're still IN the road. So scary. My final complaint (you asked, ha!) is that the number of parking spaces in Portland has been greatly reduced!

  2. Well, that's just no fun at all!! Be careful, y'all keep safe!

    I had an order coming in from Amazon earlier this week and they emailed me saying my package was delayed. I thought, oh darn, maybe it's on back order or something. Nope, it was being shipped from the northeast so it was delayed due to weather! I immediately thought of you.

    Oh, and the package was delivered yesterday. :)


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